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Synonyms for appellant

one that asks a higher authority for something, as a favor or redress

Synonyms for appellant

the party who appeals a decision of a lower court

of or relating to or taking account of appeals (usually legal appeals)


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Defense counsel objected on grounds of relevance and prejudice and in argument to the military judge during an Article 39(a) session, questioned whether the appellant had actually manifested his adoption of or belief in the statements or was merely nodding in anger or frustration.
Advocate Shabir Hussain Gigyani appeared for the appellant and contended that the prosecution could not prove the motive given for the offence as the police had alleged that the appellant suspected that the deceased was having relations with one of their former neighbours, but had not produced any evidence in that regard.
The counsel continued that it is also submitted that the whole case revolves around encrypted electronic communications but no Internet Protocol (IP) address of appellant's laptop has been mentioned in the complaint to identify that the instrument through which the communications were made belongs to the appellant.
'I am disappointed that despite issuance of orders for concerned parties to halt usage of the disputed piece of land, there was none compliance on the side of the appellant, but without action against him,' said Mr Seabueng.
Appellant Commissioner of Human Services challenged the order of the commitment appeal panel granting respondent's petition for provisional discharge, arguing that the panel clearly erred by failing to consider one of Commissioner's witnesses and improperly discrediting one of Commissioner's expert witnesses based on respondent's refusal to be interviewed.
'Therefore we find there is no basis for the requirement of the letter of appointment to be produced by the respondent, and we find that the learned judge did not err in his finding that the respondent is not obliged to produce the letter of appointment to the appellant,' she said.
The Enquiry Officers vide letter dated 12-10-2011 afforded another opportunity to the Company to provide the record on or before 2110-2011, however, the Appellant vide letter dated 14-10-2011 reiterated the same stance taken earlier and failed to provide the record.
Subpart (3) uses the term "appellant," rather than property owner, in addressing the circuit court's appellate filing fee, while subpart (4) uses the term "property owner" when addressing the right to a jury trial "of any issue beyond the subject matter jurisdiction of the planning commission, such as, but not limited to, a determination of the amount of damages due for an unconstitutional taking," which only a property owner would seek.
" Appellant was on notice that his license expired in 2009, and DEM provided Appellant with ample opportunity to be heard regarding his potential eligibility for renewal based on medical and financial hardship.
Appellant's argument is without merit because the record contains adequate corroboration of his extrajudicial confession of aggravated sexual battery, including the testimony of the forensic nurse examiner who examined the minor victim.
Although the appellant had access to these materials, she chose not to travel along either of the designated avenues.
It ruled that the perusal of minutes of the said meeting revealed that the appellant was ignored on flimsy, whimsical and nonsensical grounds and in utter disregard to the criteria for promotion laid down in Service Rules of the Provincial Assembly notified on Sept 25, 2007.
(132) Among these organizations was the Appellant, Nueva Esperanza, Inc., a nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia.
Generally, PCAs operate to deprive appellants of a review by the Florida Supreme Court, unless the appellant timely files a motion for rehearing and that DCA grants the motion and issues a written opinion, which is certainly not the norm.
Nafees said, the impugned order has disregarded the judgments placed before the court wherein it was observed that the government of Pakistan does not have controlling shares in the appellant and therefore writ cannot be exercised against the appellants in terms of Article 199 (5) of the Constitution.