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Synonyms for appeasing

intended to pacify by acceding to demands or granting concessions

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A change came over his expression and straightway from the outward impetus of his loquacity he passed into the dull contemplation of all the appeasing truths that, not without some wonder, he had so recently been able to discover within himself.
They both appear in favour of appeasing non-democracies in exchange for material gains?
The decision to keep those Games remains a stain on the Olympic Committee and is proof that appeasing murderous regimes does not end well.
He said the latest suicide attack should serve to open the eyes of those who still believe in appeasing the militants.
The photos could be released to more skepticism from conspiracy theorists, thus not appeasing anyone, and creating more misinformation about the publicly disclosed facts.
Western policy is ain fact governed by the principle of not ainfuriating the Arabs,a of appeasing and fawning upon them.
The author, who created Noddy, the Famous Five and the Secret Seven, was at a dinner party in the 1930s where she discussed appeasing Hitler.
07), it is ludicrous for him to equate appeasing Hitler with appeasing the Taliban in Afghanistan.
They claim "the same-sex 'marriage' ship has sailed" and have accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of appeasing his political support base (Reuters, Nov.
According to Harish Sujan, professor of marketing, retailers often assume that "more is better" when it comes to appeasing unhappy customers.
From appeasing angry spirits to performing daily banishings and using amulets effectively, practicing witches need this guide to ongoing protection from negative forces.
So Villaraigosa, recognizing the fairness of this complaint and the political necessity of appeasing the smaller cities, has agreed to offer these communities the same power.
This campaign was instrumental in winning over Hindus who were not communal but thought that the Congress government had gone too far in appeasing Muslims.
And although there is the possibility of the club solving the problem with Railtrack, while at the same time appeasing Sport England who are providing a sizeable grant towards the new stadium plans, it is unclear if plans will go before the Nuneaton and Bedworth Council's planning meeting on June 28.
When it comes to appeasing Communist China, the Bush team picked up where the Clinton administration left off.