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Synonyms for appearing

formal attendance (in court or at a hearing) of a party in an action

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All the appearing students were provided mineral water and tissue papers keeping in mind the harsh and humid weather.
She is also continuing to act and will be appearing as Tinkerbelle in the Christmas pantomime in Carlisle.
When Lawrence jumped ship, Pickford came into her own, appearing in 67 films for Griffith from 1909 and 1911, and became known as "The Girl with the Golden Hair" or simply "Little Maw.
USPS staff convinced that "something" was wrong with forced free trials, resulting in interminable negotiations over the exact wording to be used in the disclaimer appearing on the conversion notices, "This is not a bill.
appearing on twenty-three lists, the Tragedies of the Stoic philosopher Seneca (c.
Another tall hurdle is Russia's continuing preoccupation with appearing to remain a world power on a par with the United States--despite the realities of a GDP the size of Denmark's and a primitive political system still struggling to emerge from the rubble of Soviet totalitarianism.
Although Smith lists twenty-six criteria, the only one appearing in all ten sites is "graphic design" (Smith, 1997, p.
In 1955 he performed there with Pierre Lacotte's company, Les Ballets de la Tour Eiffel, appearing in a jazz ballet, La Nuit est une Sorciere ("Night Is a Witch"), choreographed by Lacotte and set to a score by jazz great Sidney Bechet.
Three additional paintings on mattresses (Untitled, 1989) depict maps, the network of roads appearing as large arteries pumping the blood of the earth.
To help users find items appearing in The Tax Adviser, a basic guide is presented for signing onto Compuserve and Accountants Forum, where The Tax Adviser is located.
First appearing in the June 1970 issue of modem casting and then in
He is bound to appear as registrars of apex court have been appearing in the committees earlier", he said this while talking to media men Friday.
Through these devices, an angel was capable of "speaking" to Kelly simply by appearing in the vision.