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Synonyms for appearance

Synonyms for appearance

the act of coming into view


the act of arriving

the way something or someone looks

the character projected or given by someone to the public

Synonyms for appearance

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Avigilon Appearance Search, Avigilon's newest video analytics technology, automatically analyzes video data from multiple sources to quickly locate persons, vehicles and objects of interest.
For both men and women, confidence in their physical appearance is lower in middle age than in young adulthood, yet gets higher during their senior years.
Ben Gronow (forward): 395 appearances, 80 tries, 673 goals (1586).
And the effect is particularly true when people recall negative comments about their physical appearance.
In addition, using some of the new "ultra-clean" carbon blacks can also prevent appearance problems (ref.
These studies on the social meaning and significance of having a negatively valued appearance point to the possibility that the cultural component in "disfigurement" may be so large as to define all disfigurement as a cultural phenomenon, and that the assumption that there is such a thing as an intrinsic disfigurement, to which cultural factors only further complicate or exaggerate, maybe incorrect.
CourtCall serves over 2,500 Federal, Bankruptcy, State, Provincial and other judicial officers across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, having completed millions of telephonic court appearances saving lawyers millions of hours and hundreds of millions of dollars for their clients all while helping to prevent thousands of tons of CO2 from entering our environment.
The Magpies are more famed for their French connection these days, but only two other sides (Man City and Chelsea) have given more Premier League appearances to South American players than the Toon.
single appearance as ub on the opening against Aberdeen.
But 62 days later, after just one friendly appearance, Arsenal changed their mind and shipped Allen off to Crystal Palace along with goalkeeper Paul Barron in part-exchange for England full-back Kenny Sansom.
Lampard's run began with an appearance as a 73rd-minute substitute against Leicester on October 13, 2001.
Not that the artist group legitimized its appearance here through some all-too-familiar "institutional critique"--instead, they used the commercial space for a demonstrative miniretrospective.
Indeed, everyone who has taken an introductory auditing course knows that auditors must be independent in both fact and appearance.
5 million is to be added to the pounds 610,000 earmarked for appearance money in 2000/2001.
The Appearance of Impropriety: How the Ethical Wars Have Undermined American Government, Business, and Society, by Peter W.