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a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals

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An IFA appeals board rejected the club's appeal against both punishments.
A programme was organised by the regulator when an education session on the workings of the Appeals Board was held as well as a mock hearing session, said a statement.
The appeals board ruled that the national coverage determination was no longer valid because it was based primarily on outdated scientific information from 1981.
Costakis Koutsokoumnis said he has called an afternoon meeting with APOEL, AEL, Omonoia, Apollon, Anorthosis, and AEK to discuss the situation after the CFA's appeals board opted to resign on Wednesday rather than issue a ruling on a May 17 game between AEL and APOEL that was abandoned because of fan violence.
The Irish FA accepts the decision of the Appeals Board and we will now see what we can learn from it and do better in the future.
The proposed event venue will dominate and change the character of the forest environment, and there is simply nothing in the record that would support a contrary conclusion," the appeals board wrote in its brief but strongly worded opinion issued last week.
Appeals Board has its own operational capacity to react in relation to reports of neglect and abuse of children and young people under 18, in cases where the municipality does not.
The Council for Medical Schemes (CMS) recently announced that the independent appeals board had ruled that Gems must comply with legislation and accept any and all individuals or groups that wished to join the scheme, as long as they were employees of the government or of a public entity or were previously employed by these organs.
Most of these appeals never even get a hearing before the Environmental Appeals Board.
Hotspur officials attended an FAW appeals board hearing at Ewloe on Thursday to press their claim that their failure to show at Tower Fields was due to circumstances beyond their control.
In September 2007, there was an interesting Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) Appeals Board decision that, aside from its obvious potential ERISA implications, might alter the federal income tax consequences of the second item and, for that matter, any other private equity transactions where concluding whether the fund itself conducts a "trade or business" is critical to some income tax result.
We invested an enormous amount in setting up an extremely effective Appeals Board and process that would put the greyhound industry at the forefront of self regulation in sport.
Former Rural Payments Agency chief executive Johnston McNeill told MPs he had been awarded more than pounds 60,000 in compensation by the Civil Service Appeals Board.
We're not sure how that qualified her for an appointment to the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.
Labor Commissioner); Employment Development Department--Benefits/Tax; Franchise Tax Board; Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board; and Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.