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in an appealing manner

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We waited--" she looked appealingly at Rodney, who shook his head ever so slightly.
He even tried to brazen out his disgrace before me and waved his tail appealingly.
They gazed around and saw a woman standing upon the sidewalk nervously wringing her hands as she gazed at them appealingly.
And once again they looked upon him all at once, appealingly, and seemed to say, while some among them nestled in her dress and fondled her, 'Is this the wife who has betrayed your confidence
Nathaniel Letton did not look appealingly at his two friends, but in the brief pause they felt that appeal pass out from him.
We found the island damp, and went back to the bank, and up the stream, and over the bridge, and down the stream again; and then, for the first time, the sweet girl turned appealingly to me, and confessed that she had exhausted her artless knowledge of the locality.
The woman looked at him appealingly, but he smiled and went on:
He looked appealingly around the table, but no one answered for him.
Arnold, who had thus far waited in silence at the foot of the steps, looked appealingly at Sir Patrick.
She turned, and looked appealingly at Julian, who had thus far kept his place apart, listening attentively.
Bill looked appealingly to old Brooke, who got up and stopped the noise.
This was a great relief, and Buck caused even the weazened face of Perrault to twist itself into a grin one morning, when Francois forgot the moccasins and Buck lay on his back, his four feet waving appealingly in the air, and refused to budge without them.
She rested her hand appealingly on mine, and sent my pulse fluttering.
Miss Fairlie seemed to feel the oppression of the long pauses in the conversation, and looked appealingly to her sister to fill them up.
Hermann, recovering, put it to me appealingly that I knew very well how unsafe it was to contra dict that fellow.