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in an appealing manner

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Miss Fairlie seemed to feel the oppression of the long pauses in the conversation, and looked appealingly to her sister to fill them up.
He hadn't been gone from here, young lady,' said Rachael, turning appealingly to Louisa, 'as much as a week, when he sent me the only letter I have had from him, saying that he was forced to seek work in another name.
MacDonald smiled feebly, and looked appealingly to me.
Norah looked appealingly to Miss Garth, who at once led the conversation back to the more trivial subject of Mr.
Nioche was embarrassed; he smiled more appealingly.
He looked appealingly around the table, but no one answered for him.
Wanting others to benefit from his plight is the generosity of spirit we enjoyed for years on the BBC sofa, when his big heart shone out from an appealingly lugubrious personality.
Characters are savvy yet vulnerable, and their continual quests for hope in the midst of darkness are appealingly inspirational.
Parents seeking inspiration the entire family can enjoy at one sitting will find this an appealingly delicious guide.
Sadly the effect loses its hair-raising power as the game goes on, but Perception remains an appealingly creepy experience.
This is the framework for a much softer, more rounded, deconstructed, lighter style, fashioned most appealingly from exquisite, enveloping materials.
The dynamic headphone is appealingly priced at INR 1,800 and can be purchased via the brands vast distribution network across the country.
That should deter no one though as the blackcurrant and blueberry fruit it contains has depth and liveliness and is appealingly supported here by hints of eucalyptus, vanilla, rosemary and gently mellowed tannin.
Although she might have profitably delved more deeply into her subject's life and work, Danish helmer Nicole Horanyi certainly found a true character in Motley, who mixes savvy and sangfroid, along with an appealingly straightforward way of speaking.
The stock, with a price-to-earnings ratio recently near 10 is appealingly valued.