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Synonyms for appealing

Synonyms for appealing

able to attract interest or draw favorable attention


(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings

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The developers are appealing a lower court's decision to hear the case under urgency legislation signed Oct.
A three-judge panel refused Thursday to let Felker file a second appeal, and the new law bars inmates from appealing such rulings to the Supreme Court.
Sandy Brown of the Westwood Homeowners Association said the Development Reform Committee proposal could prevent her group from appealing a 600,000-square-foot development in Westwood Village, even though it would affect an area larger than a 500-foot radius.
Sherman Oaks homeowners leader Richard Close lives about four miles from the corner of Ventura Boulevard and Woodman Avenue, but that did not stop him from appealing two Planning Commission approvals of projects on that corner.
An ad hoc council panel chaired by Councilman Hal Bernson has suggested an alternative proposal that would place a $150 cap on fees charged to residents appealing projects over 250,000 square feet providing they live in the same ZIP code as the project.