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Synonyms for appealing

Synonyms for appealing

able to attract interest or draw favorable attention


(of characters in literature or drama) evoking empathic or sympathetic feelings

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All on a sudden some night it will come wailing in the wind outside your window, and you must blacken your heart and harden your face with another strangling grip of its slim appealing throat, another blow upon its angel eyes.
In the midst of Prince John's cavalcade, he suddenly stopt, and appealing to the Prior of Jorvaulx, declared the principal business of the day had been forgotten.
he exclaimed, sitting bolt upright and appealing to the skies, "here is a woman who believes that the only concern all this causes me is whether she thinks any the worse of me personally on account of it
And meanwhile Mamma Valerius lies waiting for you at home and appealing to your `good genius
Sancho fell upon his knees devoutly appealing to heaven to deliver him from such imminent peril; which it did by the activity and quickness of the millers, who, pushing against the boat with their poles, stopped it, not, however, without upsetting and throwing Don Quixote and Sancho into the water; and lucky it was for Don Quixote that he could swim like a goose, though the weight of his armour carried him twice to the bottom; and had it not been for the millers, who plunged in and hoisted them both out, it would have been Troy town with the pair of them.
He does not defend himself, as Xenophon has defended him, by appealing to his practice of religion.
They can neither weaken his fortitude by operating on his necessities, nor corrupt his integrity by appealing to his avarice.