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Synonyms for appealer

one that asks a higher authority for something, as a favor or redress

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In this regard Article 358 of the new law holds: "If the appeals court considers the appealer's claim legitimate, it voids the initial rule and issues the appropriate sentence.
Table 2 Marking of Supportive Moves by Raters Appropriate Inappropriate Disagreement Potentially Mitigating Preparator 20 1 2 Grounder 33 10 1 Imposition minimizer 24 6 1 Appealer 5 2 1 Disarmer 10 2 Promise 4 Confirmation 4 1 Appreciation 133 1 Apology 11 Agreement 73 11 2 Offer of solution: no 5 hearer effort required Suggestion 4 2 2 Concession 10 Sweetener 3 1 Additional request: 8 1 for information Resolution 13 7 Farewell/closing 3 2 1 Potentially Aggravating Moralizing 2 Threat 2 Repeat request 5 6 2 Disagreement 9 28 1 Additional request: 5 17 3 for time Note.
The framing of an appeal for concession as a threat or as a promise can serve as an important informational cue indicating the intention of the appealer and the consequent implications of the addressee's acceptance or rejection of the proposed concession.
AidenMcGeadyhas d one little out wide in two matches and Robbie Keane remains an enthusiastic appealer but the sparkseemstohavegone.
Thackeray's editorial, "Mr Punch's Appeal to an Eminent Appealer" (Punch 19 [November 27, 1850]), invoked controversy over the recent allegations of a "winking" Virgin (Markus writes that other commentators used different verbs to describe the phenomenon); and the following week (December 7, 1850), Punch exhibited a picture of a smug looking Wiseman with the caption "I like to be despised"--"despised" appears at the beginning and end of the poem, but in this case there seems to have been an antecedent source in Isaac Bickerstaff's "The Hypocrite" (1768).