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Synonyms for country

Synonyms for country

an organized geopolitical unit

a particular area used for or associated with a specific individual or activity

a rural area

of or relating to the countryside

Synonyms for country

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Ghaziabad, Mar 27 ( ANI ): Seeking to justify his view that the Indian Parliament houses 'thieves and dacoits', Team Anna member Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to the country's lawmakers to introspect.
Today Geldof appealed to the country to take part and help to bring an end to the spectre of "children dying on our television screens".
THE father of a two- year old boy who was shot dead in Turkey appealed to the country to end its gun culture yesterday.
The Swedish Presidency has appealed to the country's leaders to change their minds and not implement the Decree.
Meanwhile, President Bill Clinton last night urged Americans to be patient during the Florida recount - and appealed to the country to unite behind the eventual winner.
Bishop Ignace Bourget appealed to the country people to provide homes for the orphans, and the French families from surrounding parishes each adopted one or two of the unfortunate children.