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capable of being appealed especially to a higher tribunal


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Second, the appellate authority should engage in a robust review process that considers a broad scope of appealable matters and employs a clear and rigorous standard of review.
Haley (52) in 2007, the Court has held that six different immunities qualify as immediately appealable collateral orders: (53) immunity under the Speech or Debate clause, (54) executive absolute immunity, (55) judicial immunity, (56) qualified immunity, (57) state sovereign immunity, (58) and Westfall Act immunity for a federal employee.
However, for the sake of judicial efficiency, the Tax Court chooses to bind itself to decisions from the appellate court to which the case before it is appealable (the "appealable circuit").
The test Florida courts have used to determine whether an order qualifies as an appealable partial final judgment actually pre-dates the rule.
Yesterday's judgement is appealable within 15 days.
You have also explained that pretrial discovery orders are considered "nonfinal" and "interlocutory" and therefore not appealable as a matter of right.
The sentence, which is appealable, was issued in the presence of the defendant.
The court concluded that the penalty was an assessment under the tax code and thus appealable in the same manner as property valuations.
Borden is appealable to the Eleventh Circuit, which has not spoken on this issue.
The patient asked the appellate court to conclude that the trial court's order dismissing the patient's case "without prejudice" was not a final appealable order, and in that regard, the patient asked the appellate court to allow her to refile her medical malpractice suit against the hospital.
Gerson is appealable to the Sixth Circuit, a court which has yet to consider the issue.
Here, although we are troubled by the fact that the trial court indicated that it would allow the creditors to have their day in court but then summarily denied their claims, we are unable to address the merits of Appellants' arguments, including their argument that they were denied due process, because we do not have a final, appealable order before us," Associate Justice Donald L.
any future challenges under Andean Pact law and is not appealable.
The court held, inter alia, that an order of a lower court denying class action status is not appealable, unless it has the effect of "eliminating all issues between the plaintiff and a defendant so that there is nothing left to be tried or determined.
I am running for the school board because I want to see the school district become more appealable and serviceable to the Acton Agua Dulce communities,'' Layton said in a prepared statement.