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a board of officials that are not judicial but are appointed to hear appeals

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In March 2000, the appeal board ruled in favor of the Chester Upland School District, which had revoked the charter for the Creative Educational Concepts Charter School in Delaware County.
The appeal board chairman Sir Roger Buckley published detailed reasons why McKeown's appeal was dismissed.
If the appeal board has affirmed a decision of the local school board or denied a charter to applicants, notice will be provided to both parties.
The NGRC set-up the Appeal Board in March 2006, after the Court of Appeal recommended that sports governing bodies selfregulate.
Paul Struthers, PR manager for the HRA, revealed that in delivering judgement on Keightley, Buckley said: "The appeal board take the view that this conduct strikes at the very heart of racing's integrity.
Lady Hilary Burnham, independent chair of the NGRC appointments committee which selected the appeal board members, said: "This will provide people with the opportunity to appeal against decisions made at stewards inquiries without recourse to the courts.
Written decisions on each case decided by the appeal board today will be prepared and issued to both parties to provide them with notice of the board's action.
The appeal fee, or any part of it, will be repaid or withheld as the appeal board so directs.
The Charter School Appeal Board is empowered to hear appeals of organizations whose applications to local school boards were denied.
INTERVIEWS will soon be held for the positions of chairperson and members of the NGRC Appeal Board.
Keightley's new solicitor, Rory Mac Neice, is still preparing the case, but it is likely he will apply to Appeal Board chairman Sir Roger Buckley for permission to introduce evidence not heard at last month's inquiry at the Jockey Club headquarters in London.
Marcia Reeves has the working knowledge and dedication that a member of the appeal board must have to ensure Charter Schools continue to be strong educational partners in our communities," Education Secretary Eugene W.
MULLINS' next move remains on hold after rejection by the Jockey Club's Appeal Board of his appeal against the disqualification of Be My Royal from first place in the 2002 Hennessy Cognac Gold Cup.
In cases where the appeal board reversed the decision of the local school board, the local school board is required to grant the application and sign the written charter of the specified charter school.