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resembling or characteristic of a phantom

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This act of slaying his Muse excites far less interest than the fact that that Muse, the source of Makak's inspiration, is an apparitional white woman.
For instance, it was recommended to readers of The Atlantic by Terry Castle, author of The Apparitional Lesbian, under the rubric, "Men's books that women should read":
90) The presence of angels, demons, and the apparitional Christ as the realities behind physical phenomena makes clear that Ambrose regards embodiment as something that occurs in processes not confined to the physical body, but processes that nonetheless have effects in and around what is conventionally visible.
In fact, in her talks on "The Apparitional Lesbian," Castle observes that "even among sophisticated and open-minded listeners, it was extremely difficult, I found, to keep the lesbian focus" (12).
Her better known works include The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture and Noel Coward and Radclyffe Hall: Kindred Spirits, a brilliant little study of mutual influence between two early 20th-century writers who have each been reclaimed as part of a homoerotic literary past, but who are rarely mentioned on the same page.
Thus, when wife and mistress meet, their subsequent relationship may mirror an idealized lesbian structure labeled a triangle of female desire by theorist Terry Castle in The Apparitional Lesbian.
Terry Castle, The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture (1993).
They are also more likely to report apparitional perceptions.
In order to aid his analysis, Kruger relies upon several theorists, of whom the most central is Derrida, who helps to shed light on the apparitional nature of Jews and Judaism in many of the Christian writings.
He then meets the apparitional embodiment of seediness: Allen Garfield, as Vic, a brassiere shop-owner, who coerces Donald into going to an orgiastic, never-ending party.
In chapter 5, "Ghosts of Desire," Weinstock situates the second half of Terry Castle's "The Apparitional Lesbian" as the foundation for his argument that "the spectral metaphor" functions as a means of encoding same-sex desire.
Despite the new horizons that opened due to the loss of representational bonding between figurative shapes and permanent ontic order, critical theorists' discursive constellations still manifest themselves by means of imagery, now however in hauntingly apparitional formations.
Orpheus wonders, staring at the dial, "They're on no other station:" The station consists of seemingly random numbers listed off by the (literally) dead, apparitional voice of Cegeste The numbers have little meaning let alone aesthetic potential to those around him ("It makes no sense," Eurydice complains), but for Orpheus, the station's numbers are the epitome of poetry; they are "much more than any of my poems,' he notes, not without lamentation.