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resembling or characteristic of a phantom

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The indeterminate pair which god and man constitute makes one wonder whether the Sophist and the Statesman are not the same pair in its apparitional form.
At the convent of Chartreuse the ghostliness of things could be seen as bodied forth, but what is embodied is death; under the spell of commodity fetishism the liveliness of things is also ghostly, apparitional, visible only as invisible, and here it subsists only to the degree that it deprives humans (and persuades them to deprive themselves) of the energies they now attribute to things.
In Dorn's persistent comic confrontation with Being, the personal elements of the early start on the large poem would gradually become diluted into its whole meaning; in the end the personal significance of the apparitional stranger in "An Idle Visitation" must remain, like almost everything else about the Gunslinger project, impossible to discriminate, open to speculation.
In the case of the classic medieval commentaries on the Song of Songs, I am tempted to merge Garber's reflections on category crisis with those of Boyarin on the medieval monk as constituting a distinct gender,(31) and speculate that the routine apparitional emergence of "transvestite" figures (males in female guise) in these commentaries--texts that are not concerned thematically with gender difference, much less with gender blurring--indicates a category crisis in medieval society centered on the anomalously gendered person of the male celibate.
introduction to Terry Castle's The Apparitional Lesbian (Columbia University
In her structural assault on the confinements of borders whether geographical or genre-based, Welty contrives for stories to leave apparitional traces which mark the mutuality of difference, and so a game of ping-pong is easily transformed into another kind of Time Out.
Terry Castle, in The Apparitional Lesbian: Female Homosexuality and Modern Culture, argues that, although "lesbian" and "homosexual" are indeed recent terms, other terms for women who desired sexual intimacy with other women have abounded since the eighteenth century.
A new and necessary complement to Sedgwick's work in queer theory is Terry Castle's The Apparitional Lesbian (Columbia Universityh, $29.
Weinstock discusses Terry Castle's concept of 'The Apparitional Lesbian,' whereby female same-sex desire is linked with the ghostly.
As described by critic Douglas Crimp in the original essay for his "Pictures" exhibition of the same year, the performance consists of two combatants dueling in dim light, seeming nearly apparitional until, all at once, the scene is shrouded in complete darkness.
Visual representation genuinely establishes the realm of semblance in its ambiguity of illusion and deception on the one hand and apparitional spirituality on the other.
In The Apparitional Lesbian (1993), she finds her elixir in modern lesbian circles.
In both the apparitional and in the constructive sense vision has entered the poetry of a younger-to-middle generation of American poets, thereby returning poetry to its more primitive functions and reintroducing as modal possibilities hallucinations, dream-truths, rhythmic heave, and rhapsodic transport.
Love" Said God, Say "Love," II, 2006, depicts an embracing skeletal couple who, though ringed by memento mori--chalkboardlike bones, an apparitional skull, a few glyphs of the duo in solid form--endeavor to dance.