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the property of being apparent

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If one comes down lower to the high mimetic category within the same genre of narrative and convention of tragedy where the major character is a leader or is a member of a leading caucus having authority, according Frye what is noticed is that the hero loses his first time intelligibility and apparentness as is the case in The Interpreters.
Thus, the logical clarity of an utterance lies not in its ability to transparently reflect some universal standard of logic (as Fish thinks that those who believe in the existence of ordinary language suppose), but rather in the decipherable potential of the utterance--the apparentness of the values and purposes of the speaker to his interlocutors (a quality attributed exclusively to literary language by those who believe in this distinction).
The majority of the artists present sober work, leaving the apparentness, not to say theatrics, to the Shino itself, revealing the result of a prolonged firing; the other connective element is the look at the mists of the buried history of civilisations; in this way the disentangled forms of the containers from Randy Johnston confront us with the difficulty of finding a definition of the new, just like Ray Cavill and his tracks and imprints, frozen in the clay like fragments of the history of the earth, of lost cultures.
Clinton's reliance on heir apparentness intimates familiarity with White House operations but raises questions about a first lady's role and accountability in making decisions.
If this happens, the codification of these principles would overcome the problems of apparentness and dissemination under which Hillman's theory currently struggles.