apparent movement

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an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

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The famous clock on Prague's Old Town City Hall (1410), for example, possesses a dial with an astrolabe notably displaying the length of day and night, solar time, sidereal time, the signs of the Zodiac and the apparent movements of the sun and moon.
Suddenly, then - if the view was taken that such a new-look scheme could be viable, and with no apparent movement on Liverpool FC's new stadium - Liverpool may appear a better candidate to be a host city for the World Cup.
To a cat intrigued by the apparent movement of shiny metallic tinsel, all that glitters is not good.
This apparent movement backward may actually be a sign of good religious instincts and a thirst for spiritual nourishment that is otherwise not available.
The apparent movement towards the eventual sale of Newcastle United will be welcomed by supporters, as well as manager-in-waiting Alan Shearer, who is desperate to get started on the project of returning the Magpies to the top flight.
The complex paperwork fraud focuses on the apparent movement of high-value goods, such as mobile phones or computer chips, across European borders.
Any apparent movement would have resulted in blurring.
Dave Jenkinson and his wife, who were evacuated from their home for three weeks during the Flood of '97, are pleased that they did not encounter any sandbag shuffles, a local flood term meaning faking work through lots of apparent movement but with no tangible results.
The second alternative is the cases in which the ball makes an apparent movement of frontal spin, in any of its directions (in the figure only four are shown).
But, despite the positive figures and the apparent movement within the market, not all in the industry have been impressed with manufacturers' efforts during the past year and many believe sales of nuts are too reliant on Christmas.
Technically speaking, parallax is an apparent movement of the target in relation to the reticle as the shooter's eye moves from the center of the sight line.
The following are two views or perspectives of "what happens in the sky"--the apparent movement of the sun during the day.
He said the apparent movement of four divisions south could be low level commanders ``moving toward the sound of the gunfire''.
Inspection time and intelligence: attempts to eliminate the apparent movement strategy.
The only direct method of trigonometric parallax uses the earth's orbit about the sun as a baseline and the apparent movement of nearby stars relative to more distant objects to determine the distance to some 6000 objects in our galaxy.