apparent movement

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an optical illusion of motion produced by viewing a rapid succession of still pictures of a moving object

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The second alternative is the cases in which the ball makes an apparent movement of frontal spin, in any of its directions (in the figure only four are shown).
The jury heard phone tracking showed apparent movement from Glasgow to Dundee and back.
But, despite the positive figures and the apparent movement within the market, not all in the industry have been impressed with manufacturers' efforts during the past year and many believe sales of nuts are too reliant on Christmas.
The following are two views or perspectives of "what happens in the sky"--the apparent movement of the sun during the day.
He said the apparent movement of four divisions south could be low level commanders ``moving toward the sound of the gunfire''.
Robert's apparent movement away from his subaltern roots, however, is tempered by his conscious choice to identify as African American.
The actin pedestals are not static; instead they lengthen and shorten, resulting in apparent movement of EPEC along the host-cell surface (20).
Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging technology that allows an individual to experience apparent movement and to explore life-like surroundings.
Although they can't detect individual atoms, they can clearly see the apparent movement of edges as ions settle into layers to produce characteristic patterns of steps.
BMI View: As OPEC's price enforcer and the holder of most of the cartel's spare oil production capacity, BMI expects Saudi Arabia to keep a tight rein on output over the next ten years, with no apparent movement on oft-stated plans to boost productive capacity to 14-15mn b/d from the current 12mn b/d.
The earthquake s movement was horizontal, not vertical, and caused no apparent movement of the sea floor, which is what triggers tsunamis, Susanne Sargeant, a seismologist with the British Geological Survey (BGS).
Solstice" derives from the Latin "sol sistere" meaning "sun stand still", as its apparent movement (north in summer, south in winter for the winter solstice) comes to a standstill.
But although Operation Orb -a name which seemed to echo the rapist's apparent movement round London's orbital M25 motorway -was similar to the 1970s investigation in size and scope, it did not last nearly as long.
That's why we approve of the apparent movement towards segregation.
Primmerman notes that for best results astronomers should use both laser light and a true reference star, since lasers cannot compensate for another atmosphere-induced phenomenon called wandering -- the apparent movement of an image.