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Synonyms for magnitude

Synonyms for magnitude

great extent, amount, or dimension

the quality or state of being large in amount, extent, or importance

relative intensity or amount, as of a quality or attribute

the amount of space occupied by something

Synonyms for magnitude

a number assigned to the ratio of two quantities

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relative importance

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It is important to note that for Reid's purposes, apparent magnitude must be regarded as a relation that is irreducibly dyadic (or perhaps I should say, unexpandably dyadic), involving just the object and the observer (or his point of view).
If I trace the angle made by two edges of my ceiling on a flat sheet of plastic held normal to my line of sight, I will obtain a plane angle that meets both conditions of representation--it is visually coincident with the visible angle and its real magnitude equals the apparent magnitude of the visible angle.
Then V, the star's apparent magnitude at distance d, is given by
For example, to find the apparent magnitude of the Sun, use
It is also the brightest red dwarf (spectral class M) in the sky, with an apparent magnitude of 6.
Star Colors "Astronomers have long agreed on the need for more accurate apparent magnitudes of the naked-eye stars.
8[degrees] north-northwest of Alpha Serpentis for the fine double star Delta Serpentis, a pair of spectral-type F0 bright giants with apparent magnitudes 4.
3) They report apparent magnitudes, mostly in B and R, obtained in 2007 June and July.
When we consider Mercury and Venus's apparent magnitudes (not corrected for distance), they vary less than the phase curves.
In order to plot CMDs for each cluster, we needed to convert the instrumental magnitudes, b and v, for each star to apparent magnitudes, B and V, on the Johnson UBV photometric standard system.
The properties of each of the solar system's planets are handily tabulated, as are the distances, spectral types, and apparent magnitudes of the nearest and brightest stars.
The brightest stars of Palomar 11 itself are red giants with apparent magnitudes of around 15 1/2.
Then he plotted the stars' apparent magnitudes against their colors.
Stock said that most of them "do not show a conspicuous concentration of stars, the presence of a cluster being indicated only by the presence of stars of similar spectral types and apparent magnitudes.
The color index is the difference between a star's apparent magnitudes at two wavelengths.