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the property of being apparent

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The wildly heterogeneous and multitudinous character of art production bears witness to Being's profligacy, its incorrigible effluence into apparency.
Apparency theory seems to hold true for this fossil community, Gahn says.
Other sparse information on the excretion behavior of spiders suggests that they minimize the apparency of their excreta at their normal hunting level in the vegetation.
2) and lower the physical apparency of host plants so that females do not lay as many eggs per leaf on lupines that are overtopped by tall grasses as they do on lupines surrounded by grasses of the native stature (Severns 2008a).
The philosopher further notes that "there are degrees of apparency and, so to speak, lighter and darker shadows of appearance"; he asks "Why should the world that is relevant to us not be a fiction?
the rarely glimpsed bright face/behind the apparency of things.
Prey species, including bivalves, use a variety of mechanisms to detect predators; once a predator is detected, the prey use a suite of strategies to decrease their apparency and vulnerability to their consumers (Cote and Jelnikar, 1999; Leonard et al.
Larger seedlings were preferred by hares, probably because of greater apparency or higher nutrient content (Crabtree 1992).
In this mode, his learning is based more on interpretation or apparency than on insight and objectivity.
This idea, based on a simple prediction of the apparency hypothesis, suggests that people will tend to use plants that are easy to find.
Foundresses could fail to colonize a host species not only because queens rank certain host species below others, but also because of differences in plant apparency (e.
According to the bottom-up hypothesis, the most important determinants of insect host-plant range are host-plant availability, apparency, and suitability as food (Ehrlich and Raven 1964; Levins and McArthur 1969; Feeny 1976; Futuyma 1976; Rhoades and Cates 1976; Cates 1980; Futuyma and Moreno 1988).
These characteristics would, however, potentially increase larval apparency to benthic fishes.
For specialist herbivores, all surrounding vegetation acts to decrease the favored host's apparency by decreasing the probability of encounter (Feeny 1976).