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a humorous but derogatory term for an official of a large organization (especially a political organization)

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a communist who was a member of the administrative system of a communist party

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L'art pour l'art (art for the sake of art) rules in the realm of establishment art, though "art as politics" (as long as politically-correct politics) may still be permitted through those gates, as it was at the Touchstone Gallery because it is generally riskless and certainly unthreatening to the apparatchik gatekeepers, be they artists, marketers, managers, curators, or whatever.
Instead of dealing with these issues, which threaten the very future of the school, the party apparatchiks on the board continue to bicker over trivialities, happy to get rid of yet another head-teacher -- presumably they have the support of the teachers' union -- and showing no concern over the instability and uncertainty this fosters.
Hungary's ruling conservative party Fidesz wants to examine ways of forcing former apparatchiks in the pre-1989 communist system to pay towards assisting those who opposed the system, the Budapest Times said.
Political parties: paid central party apparatchiks are micromanaging democracy at the constituency level, destroying an MP's (and therefore the voters') independence
April 18 issue) is right on target with its reporting that Council on Foreign Relations apparatchiks in Washington are touting an overthrow of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi, it did not mention possible hidden motives.
After all, sports apparatchiks do not play any sport, or coach any sport, or shell out their own cash to watch any sport, so their energies are directed at creating opportunities for their own advancement in the management and administration of sport.
Gemayel' s words came during the annual kataeb Party dinner function given by party Roumiyeh branch/ Ain Saadeh, in presence of apparatchiks, high- raking dignitaries and local municipal heads.
Among the ethnic Kazakhs in the leadership, most were apparatchiks in the former Communist Party and now keep close ties with Moscow.
Also abandoning his carefully thought out principles this week was Marc Bolan and his apparatchiks, who hove brought in some daytime Z-list TV presenter on Sky Travel 3 for a commercial that's as cheap and cheerless as a Morrisons meat pie.
Well, nothing very much if is he is guarded throughout the day by civil servants and Labour Party apparatchiks.
In my humble opinion the police should be paid what is due to them while it's high time a lot of these overpaid apparatchiks were weeded out.
His life is swaddled round the clock by a squadron of brisk, officer-class apparatchiks whose job is to answer his whims and keep his spirits up.
The apparatchiks are doing campaign work anyway; they might as well get some campaign cash for doing it.
In 2001, after the departure of Milosevic's apparatchiks, the museum's current staff--a team of curators including Andelkovic, who today is also the director--took charge.
Despite the generally pro-business agenda of the national government in Beijing, local and provincial governments, often dominated by powerful apparatchiks, can be far less accommodating.