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Synonyms for appanage

a privilege granted a person, as by virtue of birth

Synonyms for appanage

any customary and rightful perquisite appropriate to your station in life

a grant (by a sovereign or a legislative body) of resources to maintain a dependent member of a ruling family


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Are the MPs of SDSM going to draw the appanage from their transaction accounts when the money is paid or are they going to refuse it for being awarded by MPs, who, in their view, have been elected through vote rigging?
The former MPs of SDSM, as well as the 33 MPs of the coalition of SDSM that have recently provided resignations to Parliament because Zoran Zaev's party refuses to recognize the results of the April elections, recognize the Parliament when it comes to receiving salaries and appanages for their service as MPs until April 2014, Dnevnik reports.
Usually, and particularly in the case of a grant of appanage land, the grant was accompanied by promises on the part of the suzerain to protect the grantee in his office and to safeguard his throne for his offspring.
appanage very favorable The freedom of the suzerain is granted to local ordinary limited only by his own--or person his predecessors'--promises to the local dynasty.
91) A fuller list of Changhadaid commanders from the tribe of Temur, the Barlas, whose appanage was in the region of Kesh in Transoxiana, is given in the Mu iz al-ansab for the period from the rise of Chinggis Khan to the rise of Temur.
The word applies not only to the Chiarelli, Antonelli, and Cavacchioli plays noted above, but also to their spirit and their humor: "The exaggerated and burlesque vein that runs through all these plays makes them an appanage to the plays of Luigi Pirandello," as Walter Starkie notes, though adding that Pirandello "stands like a giant amid these Lilliputians.
The Parliamentary Committee on Election and Appointment issues voted for appanage for the MPs from the past composition who submitted demands within the legal deadline.
VMRO-DPMNE MP Aleksandar Nikoloski asked whether the MPs from opposition MPs, who do not recognize the elections and fail to appear to work, by submitting a demand for appanage changed their stance.
And while they do not accept the mandates, the 24 former MPs demanded appanage which means that they will receive salary from the Parliament for one year.
A fourth type, which I refer to as appanage treaties, concluded with members of the Hittite royal family who have been given subordinate kingdoms, are discussed on p.
The appanage of a principality was made up of members of one's own clan, but it comprised a certain number of alien clans, i.
1552), who had earlier returned from Bukhara to reside in his appanage capital Samarqand, restored some confiscated Samarqand-area holdings - lands, gardens, homes, shops and mills - to one of Ahrar's great-grandsons, Muhammad Yahya.
He who had seen the pope place the crown upon the head of Napoleon, and the proud house of Austria bent to the dust beneath his footstool, England excluded from each continental connection of commerce or alliance, Russia overawed and submissive, while Italy, Germany, and the greater part of Spain, were divided as appanages [sic] among his brothers and allies,--what would have been the surprise of the waking moment which should have shown him the Prussian cannon turned upon the bridges of Paris, and the sovereigns of Austria, Russia, and Prussia, with the representatives of almost all the other nations of Europe, feasting in the capital of France with the general and minister of England, supported by a force which made resistance equally frantic and hopeless
47) If a body is complex enough (as the human body is, not overlooking all the hormonal and muscular appanages of the nervous system) and if the actions of that body are reflexive or recursive enough (as many of ours are, being self-regulated and self-reinforcing), then a body can become focused enough to be conscious, even self-conscious, and its consciousness can be active, meaning that it can initiate changes understandable in some measure through an understanding of that consciousness.
The prime minister also said that the people did not elect the MPs of SDSM to be paid appanages and stay home.