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Synonyms for appanage

a privilege granted a person, as by virtue of birth

Synonyms for appanage

any customary and rightful perquisite appropriate to your station in life

a grant (by a sovereign or a legislative body) of resources to maintain a dependent member of a ruling family


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A 1566/67 (41) boundary charter (raz "ezzhaia gramo ta) between Ivan and his cousin, the appanage Prince Vladimir Andreevich Staritskii, noted that the boundaries between the oprichnina and Staritskii's appanage could not be delineated at present, because the oprichnina did not yet have any boundary surveyors (mezhevshchie or pistsy).
Pavlov-Sil'vanskii gave very precisely the essence of the transformation of Russian society from the appanage period to Muscovite absolutism: "Voluntary grand-prince servants of the appanage period are replaced in the Muscovite state by sovereign slaves.
It is hypocritical that she was not the SDSM ticket in the last elections, made her fellow party members resign their legislative seats whereby they lost their right to salaries and finally she requested that she be paid an appanage for her former service as an MP for a whole year from a Parliament she refuses to recognize," said Romeo Trenov from VMRO-DPMNE at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on election and appointment.
Ivan had had a deaf-mute younger brother Georgi (Yuri, 1532-1563; since 1560 the appanage prince of Uglich and Kaluga), but he had no female offspring either.
He could remove the family from the throne and annex the country, turning it into a province ruled by a Hittite official, (61) or grant it to a member of his own family as appanage land (62) or to any other person whom he might install as subordinate king.
Hers was the time of the city-state, the duchy, and the appanage, when national boundaries and civic loyalties shifted like sand, yet Joan herself is often reckoned as one of the first modern patriot/nationalists.
Not an exclusive appanage of Christians, casting out or even executing dissenters is still a legitimate solution in some societies, when a fatwa is issued by religious authorities.
Against repeated rebellions he maintained the integrity of his mother's appanage of Aquitaine.
Both veil and harem were common in Moslem countries, although they were not the appanage of Islam, as attested by Germaine Tillion: "Historiquement, n'importe quelle incursion dans le passe nous demontre egalement que le harem et le voile sont infiniment plus anciens que la revelation du Coran"(19) Like Delacroix, Mernissi shows the h arem both as a geographical space and as metonymy, i.
Which came first, Appanage Russia or Slavic Russia?
Filo and her appanage were intruding on the exclusive domain of the priests and specialists when she started to care for the sick and dying.
This can be seen if we condense the logic of Pipes' continuity argument (and many others like it): Soviet government is like late Imperial government; late Imperial government is like Petrine government; Petrine government is like Muscovite government; but Muscovite government is unlike Appanage government.
Holcroft's influential Centennial essay The Deepening Stream, for example, could move easily from arguing that 'we are a cultural appanage of Britain' (p.
111) State foresters also guarded access to timber on adjoining appanage lands, and peasants caught poaching faced heavy fines or imprisonment.
Cadet sons were placated with petty appanage principalities, while younger brothers were prohibited from marrying and thus from producing potential rivals.