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Synonyms for appalled

Synonyms for appalled

struck with fear, dread, or consternation

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And then, he's appalled at the "recent" reports and "alleged" crimes.
A Cineworld spokesman said earlier this week: "We are appalled by the incident at Cineworld Cardiff and are assisting South Wales Police with their investigation.
"We are appalled by reports of threats and nationalistic rhetoric during today's event in ViA!egrad.
I WOULD agree with your correspondent (Letters, WalesOnline, October 25), that there are many things to be appalled about.
"I'm angry, I'm frustrated, I'm appalled," he told the VN reporter afterwards.
I AM appalled at the fact that the ECHO has chosen to put the footage of the slaughter of animals by Lee and Ronald Guy online (ECHO, March 25)!
NNA - (Agence France Presse) EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said she was "appalled" by the double suicide blast.
THE great-grandson of Coventry City's founder Willie Stanley says he's appalled by Sisu's threat to move out of the city.
Business Secretary Vince Cable, a former chief economist at Shell told The Journal he was "appalled" that the firm was not even approaching P5 Full story UK companies.
I, LIKE many other Midlands Today viewers, am appalled at the way Suzanne Virdee has been treated by the BBC at the Mailbox.
THE head of a financial company caught up in a voucher scam operating on Teesside has said he is "appalled" by the con.
He was "appalled" by the ruling, he said, adding that it was "about time we started making sure decisions are made in this Parliament rather than in the courts".
The PM was "appalled" by the ruling, which "seems to fly in the face of common sense", but said the Government had no choice but to act.
Birkdale headteacher Gary Loveridge said that he was "appalled" by Patel's behaviour, and that she has been suspended as soon as the allegations emerged earlier this year.
I have moved to Scotland from West Sussex and have been appalled by the Scots attitude to food.