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Synonyms for appal

Synonyms for appal

strike with disgust or revulsion

fill with apprehension or alarm

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This part of the A5 has an appaling record of deaths and injuries, and residents who live near this very busy, dangerous road, witness every day the results of excessive vehicle speed.
I find it appaling that the BNP now lurks, like dealers of illicit materials, outside schools waiting to prey on the unsuspecting parents or children who may find themselves targetted by the party's nazi nonsense.
It was an excellent performance by the Seagulls in appaling conditions but they still left it until the last quarter of the game before stamping their real authority on the proceedings and grabbing the victory.
But after what should have a been one of the season's highlights ended as a damp squib, the county's bosses have been left with the task of calculating precisely how much the appaling weather has cost them.
STEADY rather than spectacular, the normally classy Celtic star toiled through a very difficult shift as the ball bubbled everywhere on a truly appaling surface.
It is appaling," says Patrick Blagden, a British de-mining expert based in New York City.
The sloppiness of the police is appaling as they are already facing flak for Shakti Mill gang rape case.
Today the Birmingham Mail salutes their courage and sense of duty and sends its deepest sympathies to their loved ones at this appaling time.
Her feelings of loss and regret are heartbreaking but what has happened to the infant - now a 13-year-old girl - is truly appaling.
Mr Carroll, a highways engineer in Tamworth, said: "It was a perfect car for me and to see them treat it in this way is appaling really.
Following an appaling start to the season, Rotherham have now cut loose taking an amazing 17 points from a possible 21.
At times it makes difficult reading - the detectives witnessed the most appaling brutality, burglary,grievous bodily harm,drug dealing and death - but it is undoubtedly a fascinating insight into a disturbing world.
RSPCA Inspector Simon Evans who retrieved the pigeon carcasses said, "This type of behaviour is totally appaling.
The poorly performing parts of the industry must get a grip to improve on this quite appaling showing.
Johns soon acquired a rather unorthodox bidder, who in spite of the appaling weather wore no coat, and proceeded to bid in unusually small increments of 50gns.