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Synonyms for appal

Synonyms for appal

strike with disgust or revulsion

fill with apprehension or alarm

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I FIND it appaling that if a teenager commits a violent act to another teenager, the things to blame are either video games, such as Manhunt, or music.
Pre-season favourites Hull started their campaign with an appaling run of no wins in six games, but a second consecutive league win left the Dane upbeat.
A dour match - which produced four more bookings to add to VS' appaling disciplinary record - produced little to excite a crowd of 251.
Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance said: "It is appaling that so many civil servants are failing to live up to basic professional standards.
He might look good in a kilt, but his accent is appaling.
Low interest loans for public spending are not quite the same thing as rectifying the appaling shortfall that now exists in Health Service funding in Northern Ireland.
She said: "Britain still arms Turkey despite its appaling human rights.
Brian Murray's widow Mary said: "I think it's appaling. That's what we are dealing with in Ireland.
He said: "The situation is so dangerous and the humanitarian and human rights so appaling that I think a force should be sent in to create a secure environment."
Make that appaling. Wednesday were giving the ball away far too often and deserved further punishment after 26 minutes when Freedman slipped the ball through to Morrison to add a third.
But the coroner has hit out at the "appaling" lack of US assistance in the inquest into the Lance Corporal's death, which is expected to end today.
The verdict came in the wake of China being awarded the 2008 Olympics despite the country's appaling human rights record.
The Fir Park pair, whose imminent sale has rattled the Motherwell support, beat the appaling road conditions by jumping aboard Wigan chairman Dave Whelan's private helicopter.
No one had seen Olive for a while, this is appaling.
Sadly, July has become a terrible month of marching feet, angry protests and appaling violence and sectarianism.