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Synonyms for appal

Synonyms for appal

strike with disgust or revulsion

fill with apprehension or alarm

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I just feel appaled at things that are going on," said O'Bryan, who now lives in California.
Local councillor Gerry Ryan said he was appaled at how the firefighters were treated and claimed para- military thugs were to blame.
He said: "I'm absolutely delighted on the one hand, but appaled that this case got so far on such flimsy evidence.
He was so appaled by what he saw that he has fired off a quote to the Italian club offering to re-equip the stadium with the latest bathroom ware.
The high court was appaled at what they saw as the principal's complete disregard for the college constitution.
He said: "We are appaled by the prospect of further fire strikes.
Mercer plans to launch an appeal and his solicitor David Middleweek said: "We are appaled at the findings.
But one Stormont insider said the public would be appaled when news of the Stormont bash filtered through to them.
In an interview with German paper Welt am Sonntag he also revealed he was appaled at the state of training pitches in Scotland.
It is also feared that appaled locals will take the law into their own hands.
I was appaled by a story from a friend who uses e-mail at home along with her daughter.
Officers within the RUC are appaled that families who have suffered so much are having to go through this sort of abuse.
But Con O'Connell, Regional Tourism Manager for Cork-Kerry, said he was appaled and branded the move a "restrictive practice".
He added: "I am appaled that so-called loyalists have attempted to murder members of the RUC.