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a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched

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The organization claims that AppFlash, which doubles as an app launcher and web search utility, will be rolling out to Verizon subscribers' Android devices "in the coming weeks.
Microsoft today introduced an app launcher and My apps page for Office 365.
com/how-to-effectively-remove-android-crapware) remove Android Crapware , and install a new App Launcher, choose from the (http://www.
The Linux Foundation also upgraded the application framework and the app launcher for AGL 3.
App launcher - there were reports about Google securing a patent for this.
Easy to use and navigate, Acer C7 Chromebooks give customers access to their favorite apps with a single click through the app launcher, and allows them to conveniently find new favorites from the thousands of Chrome apps and games featured in the Chrome Web Store.
Use the Home app as your lock screen and app launcher or just as your lock screen
3 features are the Sony Smart Social camera, a new home launcher, support for multiple small app launcher, Xperia theme support and a new batt Stamina mode.
Google will install the Chrome App Launcher the moment you install your first Chrome App.
2 Jelly Bean OS, which includes touch-enabled applications, app launcher, task bar and status bar with intuitive and easy access to files inside app library and on the desktop.