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Synonyms for apotheosize

to raise to a high position or status

Synonyms for apotheosize

deify or glorify

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A simpler explanation, however, flows from insights illuminating the tendency of our social-exchange facility to overshoot beneficial limits by imagining deities, apotheosizing democracy, and fostering parasitisms of reciprocity and cooperation.
While the setting and the staging of the scene isolate the hero, his performance simultaneously reminds the watchers of their collectivity and their role--as watchers--in apotheosizing him beyond a mere malcontent or bedroom cavalier.
John Rodden clearly shows that the apotheosizing of Orwell by Lionel Trilling, Irving Howe, and so forth has been sharply reversed by structuralist and post-structuralist theorists.
In 1988 Stanford University undertook the publication of Jeffers's Complete Poems, expertly edited by Tim Hunt and stunningly printed in five volumes, thus apotheosizing Jeffers by preserving his work indefinitely in a scholarly edition published by a university press.
One could also view them as apotheosizing the idea of construction, which these days means, more than anything else, the idea of a work as a completely conscious production, with no "accidents" producing inarticulateness.
An essential conviction protecting us from apotheosizing the State.
Unlike, say, Warhol's uncanny realistic appropriations, which glorified the everyday by apotheosizing the design of household products, Liversidge's paintings and sculptures aim precisely to undermine advertising's crisp sheen.
s (1997: 250) attack against tribal separatists apotheosizing ethnicity or particularists who romanticize their own group and demonize others, thus allowing "pluribus" to overrule the "unum.
Realizing that at the time he's apotheosizing, a majority of America's leading intellectuals probably were Communists in spirit if not actual membership, he doesn't bother to claim that 1939 was free of political correctness either.
It seeks what is unique to the South's history without either apotheosizing or excoriating the region.
Thus did Stanley give voice to the Carlylean attitudes that were permeating the imperial ethos, the apotheosizing of the colonizer as a moral as well as a physical hero.
It might reasonably be argued that the process of apotheosizing the front-line soldier reached the point in this country where for a long time there was little interest among the wider community in portrayals beyond the view of the man in the trenches.