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Synonyms for apotheosize

to raise to a high position or status

Synonyms for apotheosize

deify or glorify

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What is most fascinating about The Assassination is the way that it apotheosizes Jesse into the American mythic pantheon, via biblical allusion, but simultaneously depicts his dark side.
The conclusion of The Elementary Particles apotheosizes science and its capacity to conquer the contingencies posed by self and other, by time and place.
Despite his obvious intellectual shortcomings (we learn, for instance, that at school he is illiterate, 48), each of the other characters adores and shamelessly apotheosizes him, participating in the conflation of Romanticism and power necessary to both fascism and an orderly empire.
For the historical and aesthetic importance of this style Austen won a place in the canon of literature, which almost apotheosizes her unstraying self-consistency.
One unduly demeans man, the other apotheosizes him; both strip him of contact with things as they are and demand to be.
For three decades Benjamin Barber, a professor of political science at Rutgers University and director of the school's Walt Whitman Center for the Culture and Politics of Democracy, has carried the banners of Rousseau and of the Thomas Jefferson who apotheosizes a nation of virtuous and politically vigilant freeholders (although, as we shall see, not the Jefferson who affirms the priority of individuals' rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness).
As Winner ably demonstrates, the kind of "high-tech humanism" that Coupland apotheosizes rather than critiques allows Valley geeks to ignore this military-industrial complexity, and also to ignore the true microserfs--the Valley's 100,000 manufacturing workers, predominantly women, predominantly nonwhite, predominantly nonunionized, many of them doing piecework out of their homes, and some working in what can only be called sweatshops.
Eventually Dickens himself apotheosizes into the godlike author of "one of the sacred texts of the period.
Frost, in other words, is a self-performing producer who posits artmaking as inescapably inflected by, on the one hand, a global ideology that apotheosizes productiveness, and, on the other, an art world that's become the glossily contoured province of a leisure class.
Poe's arabesque literary style, as represented by the arabesque mode of decoration in "The Assignation," explores a romantic subjectivity that embraces the trauma of the sublime image and apotheosizes the vision of death that it offers as a vision of continuity.
Nevertheless, it is historically evident that this "Romanized," that is, transcendentalist, essentialist, and, therefore, "imperialist" understanding of humanism, which apotheosizes Man--the self-present consciousness, the self-present individual, the self-present nation state, the self-present culture, over their antitheses, in short, Western Civilization over the barbarism of the West's Others--has in some fundamental sense--and increasingly--informed the various humanist discourses of the West.
More than any previous Administration this one apotheosizes not law but a carelessness or even contempt of law, as internationally it scorns the World Court and domestically it refuses to enforce Federal civil rights statutes or honor the decrees of judicial review, or gives into private hands the conduct of foreign policy outlawed by the Congress.