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  • verb

Synonyms for apotheosize

to raise to a high position or status

Synonyms for apotheosize

deify or glorify

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Since the Kauffman Foundation has successfully lobbied for more government databases on entrepreneurship and small business to be created, will this reinforce and apotheosize the database dances so common in SM and therefore depersonalize entrepreneurship?
With that in mind it is insufficient to apotheosize or enshrine rules and regulations for democracy.
Like Sarris, the Movie critics would apotheosize Hollywood craftsmen like Minnelli and Nicholas Ray.
7) Indeed, the line may even have been intended as a reference to the golden statues that apotheosize the lovers at the close of Romeo and Juliet.
has interacted with this trend to apotheosize transformation as fair
I am impressed by Kevin Baker's review on the attempt to apotheosize Ronald Reagan and mythologize the continuing "Reagan Revolution" ["The Magic Reagan," May].
at 934 ("When we apotheosize the Framers we understate the importance of the many subsequent generations of lawyers and judges, and nonlawyers and nonjudges, who have helped develop the principles of American constitutional law.
Coincidentally, these works served to apotheosize the eternal nature of revolution and prophesy that the glorious days of proletarian dictatorship were just around the corner.
West, a Harvard professor, is not presented as a spokesman of academia but characterized as a cultural activist like Whitman, Hughes, and Brooks, each of whom in a unique way sought to apotheosize the humanity of the land.
British accounts of Cook at Hawaii, consisting mostly of the logs and journals of the ship's officers (but also including John Webber's graphic evidence) are broadly dismissed by Obeyesekere as a collection of mythologically informed remarks that simultaneously idealise and apotheosize Cook while demeaning Hawaiian rationality.
BACK IN THE days when Time magazine used to apotheosize its "top" 15 newspapers in the United States, the Milwaukee Journal always made the cut.
In the penultimate scene, Brooks forfeits his chance to apotheosize not because he's been selfish and dishonest all his life, but because he didn't bed the willing Meryl Streep even though he really wanted to.
Jim Sheridan's The Boxer (1997), its tendency to caricature and apotheosize notwithstanding, presents us with a tale of the control that the IRA and the spectre of political violence exert on the film's characters.
Again, in the hotel de Boulogne, another name with an boue presence, she and Leon apotheosize location-restriction: 'Ils etaient si completement perdus en la possession d'euxmemes [.
hardly serves in an "imperialist" way to "resurrect the authority" of a Western tradition in literary criticism, my own book - which while focusing on Western literature emphasizes a conflict within it, from the ancient Greeks to the Victorians, between the idealistic exponents of ethical natural law and the realistic or cynical Thrasymacheans - does not serve to apotheosize "Western values.