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Synonyms for apotheosise

deify or glorify

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The election of a new lower house will provide Morsi with the means to distribute patronage to the party faithful: jobs, houses and handouts that could apotheosise Islamic rule for decades.
By the twentieth century, sophisticated figures like Diaghilev, Bakst, Chagall and Stravinsky apotheosise the myths of an altogether more primitive, eastern or Slavic `Russia-of-the-mind', one characterised by onion-domed churches, matrioshka dolls, peasant songs, wooden houses and magic firebirds.
Called upon to apotheosise them he made Napoleon's sister Elisa Baciocchi into the Muse Polyhemnia and Lucian Bonaparte's wife into Tepsichore, each one a species of Empire kitsch with a stylised Grecian vacousness beside which his ideal goddesses seem forceful.
21) More jocularly, 'Scotch Drink' apostrophises and apotheosises whisky: 'O thou, my MUSE