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a short pithy instructive saying

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There is nothing akin to this in the Spartan education system even when the possible philosophical use of apothegms is recognised.
If I could control Hollywood I could control the world," Stalin said, which was, like other of the old monster's apothegms ("How many divisions has the Pope?
Clive James, an author of numerous books of criticism, autobiography, and poetry has provided in this book 110 biographical essays of celebrities, intellectuals, tyrants, and writers whose apothegms have fascinated James his entire adult life.
Discussing the Old Arcadia, he suggests that while Sidney's narrative is at one level a patchwork of sententiae, the work nevertheless attempts to narrate transformations of perception and understanding that cannot be contained by decontextualized apothegms.
enduring quality of the famous apothegms of poets and philosophers,
Fiction and the Figures of Life contains memorable apothegms such as the following: "The soul, we must remember, is the philosopher's invention, as thrilling a creation as, for instance, Madame Bovary" (5); "the novelist can learn more from the philosopher, who has been lying longer .
These apothegms are the numbered stones with which Godard reconstructs in this film his melancholy threnody.
Despite the inevitability of language change Balzac's apothegms, et.
In addition to dozens of hilarious apothegms and episodes from his life, this book furnishes a summary of the entire Gorey oeuvre.
As a collection of apothegms on England, of which each one has a species of diamond clearness, and value, his book is exquisitely rich.
In such a culture, instances of clerical sexual abuse were dealt with by administrative apothegms effortlessly invoked in a church defined by canon law as a "perfect society," a world unto itself that determined both the rules and the exceptions.
I can remember rooting around in his study as a boy and discovering numerous books on public speaking, filled with apothegms and off-color jokes meant to tickle an audience or frame an argument.
The Good Lord is subtle, but he is not malicious," runs one of Einstein's oft-cited apothegms.
Blake then proceeded to undermine its authority in a series of aphorisms and apothegms of his own making, beginning with the title.