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a short pithy instructive saying

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The details of the plot are lushly interspersed with political and philosophical comments on reason of state, observations on the fortunes and misfortunes of past and present kings and ministers, apothegms, myriad exempla on past and present historical cases, and quotations from countless sources including Tacitus, Plutarch, Seneca, and even Machiavelli.
Search, taxonomy developers, and content processing outfits--most of the companies in the information retrieval business--use what my rhetoric instructor at Duquesne University in 1967 called an adage, slogan, maxim, and apothegm, from the Greek word "apophthengesthai," which means to speak one's opinion plainly.
There is nothing akin to this in the Spartan education system even when the possible philosophical use of apothegms is recognised.
Prison shakes Young Bookwit out of his frivolous but dangerous follies and, amidst moral apothegms, copious tears, and elevated sentiments, Steele's hero reforms.
Life is a reflection of literature," Stevens wittily intoned, one of his many choice apothegms in Opus Posthumous asserting the primacy of imagination, the higher reality overshadowing worldly events.
The apothegms of the Desert Fathers are wonderful, really worth reading.
The brevity of the six-line exercitive apothegms in Soothsay are models of the unpresumptuous skeptical wisdom that is advised here in contrast to a naive and presumptuous theological prolixity.
Under this category there are proverbs, saws, maxims, adages, aphorism, epigrams, and apothegms.
1); the editor of Olla Podrida tells the reader that he is not going to conduct "dismal inquiries into the nature of truth and falsehood, to the apothegms of moralists, the discoveries of philosophers, or the disquisitions of the learned" (no.
If I could control Hollywood I could control the world," Stalin said, which was, like other of the old monster's apothegms ("How many divisions has the Pope?
Clive James, an author of numerous books of criticism, autobiography, and poetry has provided in this book 110 biographical essays of celebrities, intellectuals, tyrants, and writers whose apothegms have fascinated James his entire adult life.
Discussing the Old Arcadia, he suggests that while Sidney's narrative is at one level a patchwork of sententiae, the work nevertheless attempts to narrate transformations of perception and understanding that cannot be contained by decontextualized apothegms.
This section also offers some memorable apothegms, such as these lines about the Wynants: "They dabble in risk, they play at vulnerability, they experiment with connection, they tease mortality" (56).
Both are well-written: Wright bristles with pithy apothegms, while Diamond, although less self-consciously literary, is always clear.
enduring quality of the famous apothegms of poets and philosophers,