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a cuplike ascocarp in many lichens and ascomycetous fungi

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This taxon has a persistently plane apothecium and margin and gray thallus.
Fruiting bodies: Sessile apothecia, 4-8 mm broad, disc- or saucer-shaped; inner (upper or hymenial) surface bright orange-red, the outer (lower) surface light brown and covered with stiff black hairs (setae) which look like eyelashes rimming the margin; setae rooting in the flesh of the apothecium, up to 45 [mu]m thick, thick-walled, septate, tapering to a point.
Fruiting body substellate, elongated, round or disk-like, sessile with upper cortex; an apothecium IV--CRUSTOSE LICHENS WITH APOTHECIA I--FOLIOSE LICHENS 1.