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a cuplike ascocarp in many lichens and ascomycetous fungi

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Thallus yellow, lobed, continuous, but mostly around apothecia, apothecial disk and margin yellow; spores 9-13 [micro]m x 5.
Thallus consisting of round, flattened, sorediate areoles; apothecia rare Candelariella reflexa 1.
Magn, which has K+ violet apothecia and polarilocular spores.
Thallus areolate, with lobed margins, yellow green; apothecia 0.
A pan-emperate corticolous lichen with small, black to sordid or mottled apothecia.
The inconspicuous thallus and numerous small, plane, deep reddish orange apothecia with concolorous margins are characteristic.
This corticolous species has a gray thallus with strongly convex apothecia, a disappearing margin and 8 spores per ascus.
Spores 8/ascus; apothecia with persistent thickened margin C.
The cupped, greenish yellow podetia containing usnic acid and the red apothecia and pycnidia are diagnostic.
Fruiting bodies: Stipitate apothecia, cup-shaped, cups shallow, 0.
Fruiting bodies: Urnshaped, stipitate apothecia, 5-9 cm tall, 2-5.
Thallus thin, greenish to gray; apothecia with algal cells, with a thalloid margin, the rim concolorous with the disk; spores ovoid, constricted at septum Amandinea dakotensis 1.
Photobiont chlorococcoid; thallus green, granulose-leprose, entirely sorediate; apothecia [+ or -] round, blue-gray, pruinose; spores 3-(5) septate.
Photobiont Trentepholia; thallus smooth, thin, silvery gray, esorediate; apothecia substellate to irregular, black, but appearing pruinose due to growth under epidermal cells of twigs; spores 2 septate.
The blue-gray, pruinose apothecia and green granulose-leprose thallus are good diagnostic features of this lichen.