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a cuplike ascocarp in many lichens and ascomycetous fungi

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Ac efo 'chydig o ddychymyg, mae rhai o'r apothecia yn edrych fel tonsur mynach efo cylch o wallt
sclerotiorum allocated in the soil recovering rate, recovered sclerotia mycelial growth rate and the influence of different substrates in the formation of apothecia, elucidating the requirement of nutrients as for this type of germination.
Unfortunately, this specimen, with globose isidia and apothecia sunken in lobes, is too small to identify to the species level.
The blue-gray, pruinose apothecia and green leprose thallus are good diagnostic features of this lichen.
The circular patterns of the apothecia are characteristic of these two species.
On the chemistry of lichens from Turkey--structure of nemetzon, the pigment of the apothecia from Haematoma nemetzii.
This species is parasitic in the apothecia of saxicolous taxa of Lecidella and is usually collected accidentally in association with collection of the host lichen.
Fruiting bodies: Sessile apothecia, 4-8 mm broad, disc- or saucer-shaped; inner (upper or hymenial) surface bright orange-red, the outer (lower) surface light brown and covered with stiff black hairs (setae) which look like eyelashes rimming the margin; setae rooting in the flesh of the apothecium, up to 45 [mu]m thick, thick-walled, septate, tapering to a point.
If they are fertile, they produce bright or dull red apothecia (cuplike spore sacs) at the tips.
The variables evaluated were the inhibition of sclerotia germination (ISG), inhibition of carpogenic germination (ICG), number of apothecia (NA), and number of stipes (NS).
37) mm Branching Irregularly branched, frequently twisted Soralia distribution Scattered throughout the thallus Soralia morphology Great morphological diversity Soredia 50-80 urn Apothecia Not seen Anatomy Variation throughout the thallus Chondroid strands embedded in the medulla not seen Chemistry Variolaric and usnic acids Habitat Sheltered acid rocks 1200-2000 (2500) m Character R.
Fruiting body substellate, elongated, round or disk-like, sessile with upper cortex; an apothecium IV--CRUSTOSE LICHENS WITH APOTHECIA I--FOLIOSE LICHENS 1.
Measurements of thalli, apothecia, hymenium, asci and ascospores were made.
Apothecia that developed from sclerotia germinated in Petri plates containing potato dextrose agar (PDA) were allowed to release ascospores onto the Petri plate covers.