apothecary's shop

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a retail shop where medicine and other articles are sold

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In one brilliant section she not only aligns the apothecary's shop of the play with the storehouse locales frequently deployed in memory systems but also unpacks Romeo's complex recollection of this particular site.
ASKIT THIS headache remedy originated in the 1900s when Adam Laidlaw and his wife opened a small apothecary's shop in Glasgow.
At the apothecary's shop he lingered for ages, discussing prices while at the confectioners he munched sweets handing out fistfuls to his retinue while shouting the prices aloud as he bartered.
A forerunner in the process was the Worcester factory, where in 1751, after many trials and experiments in an apothecary's shop, Dr John Wall and William Davis succeeded in signing up 12 other businessmen to finance the Worcester Tonquin Manufactory.
At the entrance is an apothecary's shop which has been open for business since 1317 and prides itself on being Europe's oldest pharmacy.
She falls in love with Tom, who is an apprentice at the local apothecary's shop.
60] A "Woman pretending Sickness went to an Apothecary's Shop of Credit at Westminster for a Dram, who believing her to be sincere, generously relieved her, but would take no Money for it"; she subsequently denounced him to a justice of the peace, only to be committed to the Westminster house of correction.