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Primarily known for making medicines (and sometimes accused of confecting poisons), apothecaries were also responsible for dispensing spices and making ointments, tinctures, washes, balms, sweet waters, perfumes, and cosmetics.
read both, he wound up translating them into English for the benefit of his fellow apothecaries (whose ranks he never officially joined).
There was a shop on the north-west corner of the site, as well as a laboratory, a warehouse, offices, committee rooms, a library, and an oak-panelled Great Hall for the assembled apothecaries.
At this point, pictures of archives, libraries, World's Fair Pavilions, Exposition Halls--including a Fred Wilson counter-ethnology museum display--and small commercial venues like apothecaries began to supersede representations of individuals or groups.
He is a member of the Marin County Pharmacist Association (Past President), The California Pharmacists Association, Past Board of Trustee Member, District 1, The Pharmacy Foundation of California, The Premium Pharmacists Network, The American Pharmacists Association, The National Community Pharmacists Association, American College of Veterinary Pharmacists, and The American College of Apothecaries (Past President and currently the Vice President for Clinical Affairs).
However, her life straddles the tense juncture between three professions: university-trained doctors, surgeons who learn their trade on the battlefield, and the apothecaries.
In the Middle Ages, merchants in apothecaries often dispensed mumia, or bitumen, a black, asphaltlike substance thought at the time to alleviate ailments as diverse as epilepsy, gout, and plague.
Bigelow Apothecaries entered a strategic partnership in December intended to capitalize on the relative strengths of each company in the beauty industry.
Editors Victoria Burke and Elizabeth Clarke attribute her manuscript's survival to its dedication to two prominent London apothecaries.
On the other hand it might have been an ingenious scheme to relieve pressure on the NHS in Wales by persuading people to help fund the alternative medicine of the apothecaries of Middleton.
In more recent studies, early modem hospitals are seen as having had multiple functions, with a great variety of actors including lay and ecclesiastical nurses, administrators, apothecaries, surgeons, and patients all of whom helped to shape the institutions.
OTCBB:AVRO), a clinical research organization (CRO) specializing in oncology, medical devices, dermatology and nephrology, today announced that is has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Apothecaries Ltd.
Nutton's fifth chapter treats the medical school of Salemo and the impact of Greek and Arab medical text translations, the rise of university medicine and the professional pyramid, which included the learned physicians but also surgeons, apothecaries, and unlearned healers.
Splintering into physicians, surgeons, and apothecaries, they, too, organized and indulged in self-regulation to escape the opprobrium of quackery.
One advantage Chinese archaeologists have in locating the teeth of creatures such as Gigantopithecus is that these remains often turn up in the shops of apothecaries.