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use an apostrophe


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Returning to the level of the narrator's discourse, we see again the parallel between drawing and apostrophizing and can interpret both as resistance, as well.
Despite this ever-growing eloquence, it is nevertheless clear that he speaks as one who can never be sure if he is apostrophizing fate or fortune, Schicksal or Zufall.
Apostrophizing the manuscript of his "early planned, / Long meditate, and slowly-written epic," Balder muses, "Almost I seem to turn my life in thee.
Each is carefully metrically ordered into iambic tetrameter with trochaic substitutions in the first foot of the apostrophizing lines (which begin the first, second, and final stanzas), to appropriately interruptive effect.
Epistemologically, Elia's predicament is similar to that of the speaker in the Romantic ode: apostrophizing a figure who is absent or unresponsive, he is compelled to reflect on the "presumption" that underlies all acts of communication.
He possesses a pleasing lyric tenor, his aria apostrophizing Pamina's portrait passionate but smoothly phrased.
For example, Italy has focused its campaign on apostrophizing the economic operator of the European Union and the political parties have a wide variety of applications, from reforming the monetary and financial policies of the European Central Bank to the actual exit from the Eurozone and return to old Italian lira.
Many writers, turning away from the "empty" narratives of communism (Kurt Drawert) and the "death-zone" of the Soviet bloc (Venclova), goaded their fellow citizens by apostrophizing newly redefined nation-states: "you, Eastern country, swing about / and believe" (Kerstin Hensel).
would have been in no doubt that Hamlet was apostrophizing Rosencrantz
It seems perversely appropriate, therefore, that the ongoing superscriptive apostrophizing commentary should alternate between pathos and bathos, between the augmentative and the diminutive, between the condescending and the soothing: Poor Wakefield
At the same time, by apostrophizing entities of herself, in an address to "the voice" or to "my music," Webster can draw attention to the mother's ever-impending absence and to the melancholy of this knowledge even when she depicts moments full of presence and youth.
And though Gercheszky's transcribers and editors excluded from their texts this apostrophizing, the novels still retain an intimate and hortatory quality.
I hope at least you're listening to your messages" (273), pleads her friend, Daphne, apostrophizing an answerphone.
And thus, apostrophizing liberal civilization, Robin scolds that
By contrast, Wright develops a style of prayer-poetry more akin to that of Hopkins, a priest-poet he calls "God-gulped and heaven-hidden," adapting his alliterative compounds and apostrophizing him in his own diction, "Father Candescence" and "Father Fire.