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use an apostrophe


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The three occurrences of "love" in the first two lines each represent different meanings, but while the first and third function straightforwardly, apostrophizing Kallman and serving as a common noun respectively, the second once again lends Love agency through personification.
At the same time, by apostrophizing entities of herself, in an address to "the voice" or to "my music," Webster can draw attention to the mother's ever-impending absence and to the melancholy of this knowledge even when she depicts moments full of presence and youth.
And though Gercheszky's transcribers and editors excluded from their texts this apostrophizing, the novels still retain an intimate and hortatory quality.
I hope at least you're listening to your messages" (273), pleads her friend, Daphne, apostrophizing an answerphone.
And thus, apostrophizing liberal civilization, Robin scolds that
By contrast, Wright develops a style of prayer-poetry more akin to that of Hopkins, a priest-poet he calls "God-gulped and heaven-hidden," adapting his alliterative compounds and apostrophizing him in his own diction, "Father Candescence" and "Father Fire.
206), and apostrophizing, "You houseless poverty" (3.
The court agreed with COA that apostrophizing 1988 created a symbol of the precise XV Winter Olympics event.
This apostrophizing, as well as the attention drawn to the human overspeaker, emphasizes the act of communication itself, as Jonathan Culler makes clear: "Apostrophe .
Rather, I will demonstrate--with reference to a group of so-called "minor" poems by Pope--that they also engaged with a specifically oral or performance culture, and can be seen to propose a model of authorship that is interlocutive, apostrophizing, metamorphic.
He begins by apostrophizing their infant daughter Ada, who has been taken by his estranged wife and whom he will never see again:
She is the "Speech-maker" apostrophizing herself; the "notes of pleasure"--textual and musical--are her poems, the "glass jars" her multiplicity of forms.
This could be Arthur Koestler apostrophizing the condemned Rubashov in his novel Darkness at Noon (1940):
An impressively wide range of critics (Fitch, Frye, Levinas, Ricoeur, Todorov) and philosophers (Kant, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer) is deployed in support of detailed (and often dense) linguistic analysis, for example, of functions such as persuasion, prophecy, and apostrophizing.
There's something oddly literal about all this apostrophizing.