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So, in his long death-sentence, his catalog of the Civil War dead, we note that when he first drafted it--lined out like a poem instead of a prose passage--his manuscript indicates he intended it for a "lecture," as a "piece for address to audiences," as a "recitation," where he could face a living audience and turn away for a moment to apostrophize those absent members, "the dead in this war," and let them know how they nurtured the living.
In the closing poem, Suknaski apostrophizes himself, giving himself the imperative to "do things with the hands" as he must learn to "walk / ordinary earth" (122).
King Henry apostrophizes sleep for twenty-five lines and
Here, in a reversal of this effect, via records or preserved memories of her aphorisms, the inanimate Kate apostrophizes the townsfolk.
The Arden editor cites a suggestion that "this refers to the superstition that hidden treasure is guarded by fairies, and that they make it multiply miraculously in the possession of the discoverer"; but the idea that location may also be a significant factor here is reinforced when Gloucester apostrophizes his gods on what he takes to be the very top of the cliff: "O you mighty Gods
This radical isolation is a moment of rhetorical genesis for later configurations of utopian and dystopian community, as Hyperion gives expression to his alienation in a figural speech that apostrophizes misguided revolutionaries.
Nonetheless, the poem is in tetrameters (not Pope's trademark heroic couplets), and thus creates a more singsong rhythm; it apostrophizes its addressees directly (starting with Mrs.
She apostrophizes creatures such as rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, dogfish and chimps, giving them serious treatment and invariably sounding an ecopoetic note.
He returns, and finally, when alone with the body of Caesar, apostrophizes the corpse:
Here, Bridges apostrophizes a dead infant on a mortuary slab; he acknowledges that this world is a "disaster," but we don't get that sense from his cadences:
She is the one drawn by death and the dead alone, obeying only the law of dike, thus engaging in the most exemplary form of violence by radicalizing the daring, and making most immediately manifest this uttermost contestation in her refusal of techne: "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (You went to the extreme of daring / and against the high throne of Justice / you fell), the chorus apostrophizes Antigone shortly before her kommos (In.
Ovid, briefly and cutely, apostrophizes his parents, now that his mother and father are resident and strolling in the Stygian forum, to explain once again the undeserved cause of his imperial exile: error, non scelus (Tr.
Cosmic theorist, climatologist, botanist, examiner of schist," apostrophizes Aaron Sachs early on in THE HUMBOLDT CURRENT: NINETEENTH-CENTURY EXPLORATION AND THE ROOTS OF AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTALISM (Viking, $25.
Later in the novel, Fielding reverts to a more straightforward use of the topos when he apostrophizes Hogarth along with Shakespeare (10: 8): "O, Shakespear, had I thy Pen