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Othello apostrophizes "you chaste stars," "thou flaming
Here, in a reversal of this effect, via records or preserved memories of her aphorisms, the inanimate Kate apostrophizes the townsfolk.
185-86) in much the same way that the foreign oceans Childe Harold moodily apostrophizes on rocky shores are superior to those lapping at the feet of his readers in Bournemouth or Liverpool.
At one point, observing Callimaco nearly swoon in gratitude to Timoteo and Sostrata in anticipation of sexual pleasure, he apostrophizes, "What kind of guy is this?
If such aloofness may seem remote, Arnold's memorializing turns finally from critique to admiration; so, the poem's close alludes to 'She dwelt among the untrodden ways' when it apostrophizes the River Rotha: 'Sing him thy best
Subsequently, when the Latin author apostrophizes God directly, (25) the translator speaks of him in the third person.
At the beginning, the poem simultaneously apostrophizes and describes incessant change, in syntax ambiguously both imperative and declarative.
Here, Bridges apostrophizes a dead infant on a mortuary slab; he acknowledges that this world is a "disaster," but we don't get that sense from his cadences:
11) In a similar vein, Sir Philip Sidney in sonnet 39 of Astrophel and Stella (1591) apostrophizes sleep as "The poor man's wealth, the prisoner's release, / Th' indifferent judge between the high and low.
116) While describing his adolescence, Augustine apostrophizes to God, whose anger had "grown hot at my doings.
Just as the elm apostrophizes its human interlocutor, it also engages in reverse personification when it "naturalizes" the human, who has died: "All night 1 shall gallop thus, impetuously, / Till your head is a stone, your pillow a little turf, / Echoing, echoing" (Plath 2004, 27).
In the passages in which Nature apostrophizes her egoism, cruelty, and self-preservation, Luiz Costa Lima sees an attack against the anthropomorphism of science in the post-Darwin era (66).
In distinctly Marian terms, he apostrophizes Queen Elizabeth's qualities, as in his prayer for the conversion of Ireland: 'Most gracious virgin, lady most pure, lady immaculate, tower of ivory, pearl of Christ' (p.
A native of Puerto Rico, Gonzalez shows us how foundational that island and its culture are to him and his poems, as he reminisces about his youth (in one poem be movingly apostrophizes "Youth" itself) and tells stories about returning home after sojourns in Pittsburgh, Iowa, and Wisconsin.