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At this point in the apae, the Mponponsuo sword is itself apostrophized as dommoafo ('a helper in war', implying indispensability).
24) Smith's speaker does not find sympathy from the landscape apostrophized in this sonnet as Petrarch's does, but he goes further in "melting" into a sympathetic identification with the late Laura through ambiguous syntax.
62) However inferior, "Art," not "Love" is apostrophized as Aurora's possession.
To put it another way, the apostrophe in the poem is justified by the way the humanness of what is apostrophized is posited as a given.
Although publically all apostrophized countries state that they do not demand reintroduction of visas but "establishment of a safety mechanism," the topic cannot be closed regardless of the fact that the European Parliament's Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs already categorically said "no".
He noted that HASPED was recognized by Webster's Third by the lightface entry -ED following the main entry HASP, and argued that the apostrophized entry was also "recognized" by Webster by virtue of the entry ar APOSTROPHE which cited examples like JUDG'D and WISH'D.
Apostrophized anonymously as "my friend" two stanzas from the end of the canto, Wingfield is named and his death characterized in a footnote, where Byron also eulogizes by name C.
46) Smith's appropriation of Artaud suggestively coincides with his own growing problematization of film as an autonomous medium (which he had earlier apostrophized as a visual art, against language, in terms reminiscent of Artaud's defense of silent film) and his adoption of a hybrid multimedia practice in which he would never again complete a conventional movie.
What is most obviously, glaringly, missing from the Apostrophe Trilogy, of course, is its third part, the part that was to have been formally delivered in the second person, was to have directly apostrophized You.
The unquenchable desire for epic, "to apostrophize or summon," has not been skinned over: but what now can be apostrophized or summoned?
While, from a biographical perspective, many of the poems are ostensibly written about and to Edith Cooper, there are instances where the apostrophized addressee is clearly intended to be male.
Our "Mute- Steroptic Emanation" (117) as he is described, is himself named, apostrophized and contracted in the letters telling of his comings and goings.
The largest and most sumptuous fleet was that of the Phoenician mini-kingdom of Tyre-Sidon, apostrophized in Ezekiel 27:4-5.
As Mercutio apostrophized Romeo with his scornful catalogue: "Romeo
Finally, in the Prologue to the Legend of Good Women, both the God of Love and the apostrophized daisy affect the narrator's agency.