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use an apostrophe


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This radical isolation is a moment of rhetorical genesis for later configurations of utopian and dystopian community, as Hyperion gives expression to his alienation in a figural speech that apostrophizes misguided revolutionaries.
On more than one occasion, the narrator will stop to observe, or even to apostrophize, his own mind as if it were outside of, and separate from, himself.
Like other Keats poems, such as "On Seeing the Elgin Marbles" or "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer," Keats's urn merits the imperial gaze that would apostrophize it because it is a possession of and participant in the iconography of not just Greek but also British imperialism.
sonnet 85 in Lope's Rimas); neither the Devil in 1492 nor the dying emperor in 363 can be permitted to apostrophize the astronomer born in 1564.
Blitzer, by asking him to apostrophize to Lewinsky in front of everyone, was asking him to commit to some version of their relationship.
As Propertius turns from narration to the reader to apostrophize Cynthia herself .
The "truculent spirit" of the poet (S, 48) is not to be denied, and the narrative rather pointedly pauses to refute the narrow provincialism of poetry and apostrophize "the broad, deep, comprehensive, and merciless contempt of the unhappy Pharisees who pronounce" the poet's art to be useless (S, 49).
Just before their marriage, when she was forced to endure the prospect of permanent separation from her lover, she does apostrophize him in the words, 'My Piozzi
So, in his long death-sentence, his catalog of the Civil War dead, we note that when he first drafted it--lined out like a poem instead of a prose passage--his manuscript indicates he intended it for a "lecture," as a "piece for address to audiences," as a "recitation," where he could face a living audience and turn away for a moment to apostrophize those absent members, "the dead in this war," and let them know how they nurtured the living.
She breaks from the dialogue of the octave to apostrophize her own voice:
will apostrophize history in an elaborate and extended satirical scene,
In short: "the endless prosopopoeia by which the dead are made to have a face and a voice which tells the allegory of their demise, and allows us to apostrophize them in our turn" ("Shelley Disfigured" 68).
Culler writes, "[T]o apostrophize is to will a state of affairs, to attempt to call it into being by asking inanimate objects to bend themselves to your desire.
There are no hesitations that a new government will be formed, even if there are no announcements for it yet the other political parties don't apostrophize the Ministry of Finance as of their special interest.
1]) and Keats's odes apostrophize the Nightingale, the Grecian Urn, etc.