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use an apostrophe


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And it is,' said Mr Chester, looking upward, and apostrophising the air; 'it is this frank, ingenuous, noble nature, Ned, that you can wound so lightly.
Apostrophising Africa and blaming her for allowing the invaders to enslave the African people, Al-Fayturi, however, expresses a vision of a devastating revolution which will demolish the foundations of imperialism in Africa.
The words are those of the Northern Ireland-born poet Seamus Heaney, from one of a series of poems published between 1969 and 1975, apostrophising both the bog landscapes of Ireland and northwest Europe and the uncannily preserved human corpses retrieved from their depths (Heaney 1975:36).
If John Donne hit upon an original way of apostrophising his mistress, he certainly chose an image well suited to appeal to his contemporaries, and, it is to be hoped, to the object of his desires.
The quantity - and quality - of research involved must have been pausemaking, but the author breezes on without let or hindrance, never moralising or apostrophising, a temptation to which a lesser book in this category would almost certainly have yielded, sailing majestically and magisterially forward with positively judicial detachment.