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use an apostrophe


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Having apostrophised his eye, in a species of rapture, five or six times, the youth took the head of the little table, and Mary seated herself at the bottom.
196)--the apostrophised "burnish'd'" possibly unnoticed--than from "A Game of Chess", the second section of Eliot's The Waste Land, raises the question less of its aptness than of its necessity.
Wherever there's a Romantic's clanging Cliff, that apostrophised Cliff is only the poet's projection talking back at its originator.
There was, of course, only one PGW - but I could not help lamenting that Wodehouse was never cloned or pluralised, let alone so remarkably apostrophised.
In the last section of "Howl", Solomon is apostrophised, using a repetitive incantatory structure starting with "I'm with you", suggesting the speaker's allegiance to Solomon's anti-establishment commitment to the intensity of experience:
George's Hall, 24-year-old Harvey Lonsdale Elmes' architectural masterpiece, apostrophised by John Betjeman as 'surely the finest secular hall in England', and one for the preservation of which he would willingly be burned at the stake.