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use an apostrophe


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It is, for instance, remarkable that the book apostrophised in his essay on 'Old Books' is a book of hours printed on vellum 'c.
When Justinian apostrophised Hellenism as an unclean heresy abhorred by God and banished it from Rome, the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of Antiquity found a home in Persia and (subsequently) in the Islamic Caliphates.
Wherever there's a Romantic's clanging Cliff, that apostrophised Cliff is only the poet's projection talking back at its originator.
There was, of course, only one PGW - but I could not help lamenting that Wodehouse was never cloned or pluralised, let alone so remarkably apostrophised.
George's Hall, 24-year-old Harvey Lonsdale Elmes' architectural masterpiece, apostrophised by John Betjeman as 'surely the finest secular hall in England', and one for the preservation of which he would willingly be burned at the stake.
Chesterfield was dead by then, but while still alive had apostrophised his critic as `a respectable Hottentot'.
One of the few female characters in this novel who never presents us with such decision-making problems is Philine, the anarchic coquette, whom Laertes, setting her apart from the rest of her dissimulating sex, describes as "keine Heuchlerin"--but the fact that it is this female who is apostrophised as the "wahre Eva," the original woman, invites critical exploration (106).