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use an apostrophe


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Voltaire's 'lines on Machiavelli reflecting his work "The Golden Ass" in which a pig is supposed to apostrophise a man' (Dictionnaire Philosophique Tome XXVI p.
According to de Man's demand, "to read is to understand, to question, to know, to forget, to erase, to deface, to repeat--that is to say, the endless prosopopeia by which the dead are made to have a face and a voice which tells the allegory of their demise and allows us to apostrophise them in turn.
In Wagner's Rheingold, Wotan apostrophises Valhalla, the dwelling-place of the gods, with the memorable phrase 'Vollendet des ewige Werk' ('the eternal work completed').
21) More jocularly, 'Scotch Drink' apostrophises and apotheosises whisky: 'O thou, my MUSE
In "Al-Bath Al-Efriqi" he apostrophises Africa urging her to revolt against the invaders: