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  • verb

Synonyms for apostatize

to abandon one's cause or party usually to join another

Synonyms for apostatize

abandon one's beliefs or allegiances

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Unwilling to accept any compromise between the metaphorical and literal ways of knowing, Nietzsche is as unrelentingly dismissive when it comes to his view of science as he is with his apostatizing attack on Christianity: the scientific account of the human being, in this case represented by the theory of evolution, is not just criticized, but denounced in the Birth of Tragedy as both duplicitous and dangerous.
Whether you are divorced (50% of marriages end this way), use contraception (80% of people use it), underwent abortion, are homosexual, or have been a victim of a pedophile priest, show you opposition to the Catholic Church WHICH DOES NOT RECOGNIZE YOUR RIGHTS, by officially apostatizing.