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  • verb

Synonyms for apostatize

to abandon one's cause or party usually to join another

Synonyms for apostatize

abandon one's beliefs or allegiances

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He is forced at one point to witness his beloved fellow priest Garupe--who would not apostatize to save several Christians from being drowned at sea--himself drown in an effort to keep them from going under.
After he meets Rodrigues for the first time to convince him to apostatize, we see that the younger man is incredulous that Ferreira could have fallen so far from his own ideal of how a Jesuit priest should be and act.
Similarly, what Rodrigues appears to forget in electing to apostatize is not only the promise of Paradise for himself and for his would-be fellow martyrs but also the fact that he and they alike "are under the same sentence of condemnation.
27) The Muslims were no more merciful on the question of apostasy: "If a Muslim apostatizes (irtadda) from Islam .
As three Christian peasants are wrapped in matting, taken out to sea, and dropped in the sea to drown, Garrpe neither apostatizes nor stands idly by.
211) A ruling of takfir, Sanusi adds, is only applicable to someone who professes kufr, unambiguously chooses it as a religion, and apostatizes from the religion of Islam altogether.