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  • verb

Synonyms for apostatize

to abandon one's cause or party usually to join another

Synonyms for apostatize

abandon one's beliefs or allegiances

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Similarly, what Rodrigues appears to forget in electing to apostatize is not only the promise of Paradise for himself and for his would-be fellow martyrs but also the fact that he and they alike "are under the same sentence of condemnation.
Martyrs were those who in the face of civil and official persecution and death refused to renounce the faith, to apostatize, to recant, to offer sacrifice to idols or worship to emperors.
During the march, women will be invited to apostatize from their religion which blatantly condemns them for such "deadly sin" as using contraceptives, divorcing, being a lesbian, having sex out of wedlock, being pregnant with a cloned baby.
NEW YORK -- Hundreds of Raelians will be demonstrating in the streets of Montreal today in order to inform and invite the population to apostatize from the Catholic Church (http://www.
The only way to show your opposition is to officially apostatize in writing.
The members of the International Raelian Movement are going to be in the streets in every country to launch a campaign to encourage Apostasy, and in particular in Montreal today in order to inform and invite the population to apostatize from the Catholic Church and by distributing simple forms to be sent to the bishops of the areas where the baptisms had taken place.
RAEL himself will, of course, be present with propositions even more revolutionary that the ones launched during those 29 years like, among others, the condom distribution campaign in schools (now institutionalized in England), the one encouraging masturbation, the creation of the first human cloning company, CLONAID, and the recent incitement to Apostatize.
But as long as you have not officially apostatize in writing; the Catholic Church still counts you among its followers in order to increase its power
211) A ruling of takfir, Sanusi adds, is only applicable to someone who professes kufr, unambiguously chooses it as a religion, and apostatizes from the religion of Islam altogether.