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breaking off in the middle of a sentence (as by writers of realistic conversations)

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While the process of learning through seeing examples of virtue or vice is thoroughly curtailed in the poem, aposiopeses at least allow for the reader's imaginative reconstruction of the pilgrim's conversion experience.
To some extent, aposiopeses help the poet create the fiction of the reality of the pilgrim's experience.
There are several "larger" moments of aposiopeses in the poem that refer to whole discussions that for various reasons the poet has "edited out.
Is this lost discourse "recuperated," as with other aposiopeses, in discourses dispersed throughout the poem, in this case, in the conversations between the pilgrim and Virgil?
Yet besides colluding with the prophetic fiction of the poem and thus heightening the status of the poet as having privileged insight, one must ask: do these aposiopeses, rather than filtering out the personal histories of souls, implicate them in the conversion story of the pilgrim?