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America, certainly as it moved into the hot phase of conflict with its communist enemies in Korea, was apoplectically fearful of the Red menace, something such figures as Senator Joe McCarthy exploited wholeheartedly.
Advocacy groups immediately pounced, with the Media Research Center's Dan Gainor apoplectically labeling the absence of those two words "an act of religious bigotry designed to offend Christians.
During Monday's game, Joe Hart's three panicky kicked clearances - going against everything Capello has been preaching about the value of accurate distribution from the back - saw the Italian dash apoplectically from his seat on the bench.
In front of the big screen near the parade ring, a man no longer in the first flush of middle age shouts Kayf Aramis home apoplectically.
Had she sat down with the family at tea-time and stumbled across Ed and his piston-powered peccadilloes, then I dare say she'd have gone apoplectically beetroot in the face while her tabard spontaneously combusted.
politician because he's apoplectically embittered over his wife, Eileen's (Annabeth Gish), infidelity.
With any other less inspired and inspiring conductor I would be spluttering apoplectically about vandalism inflicted on a consummate masterpiece.
Not in the classroom, where she got (rightly) apoplectically irritated as we giggled about Joanna the Mad or, as we grew older, truckers and fuggers, but as my house mistress.