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(botany) a natural swelling or enlargement: at the base of the stalk or seta in certain mosses or on the cone scale of certain conifers

(anatomy) a natural outgrowth or projection on an organ or body part such as the process of a vertebra

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kassenjicola Strand, 1906, all of which exhibit an embolus with a characteristic distal apophysis and coil.
Paramere slim, apophysis bearing prominent dentifer and a few slender setae in apical half (Figs.
Thus, the apophysis inserted closer to the ejaculatory duct is referred to as being distal.
This showed and unfused acromial apophysis with oedema around the synchondrosis site (Figure 5).
Upper pectoralis major: on the external part and on the 1/3 distance between macro toberosyty of gzyphoid apophysis in the position of 90 degree of arm abduction.
Subgenus Pinus, known commonly as the "typical" or "hard pines", is characteristized by having the umbo dorsal and cone scales with a sealing band adjacent to the apophysis where the scales meet on the closed cone.
Here we are living in an age when Christianity is spreading more rapidly and more widely than at any other point in the two millennia of its history--throughout the global South and East--and yet, because the Church languishes in the senile cultures of a small geological apophysis (with a few appertinent isles) at the western edge of continental Asia, Wilson concludes that the faith is in its death throes.
Brandser et al (1995) were a little more specific indicating that most injuries (20/22) involved the proximal attachments of the hamstring muscles at the conjoined tendon or ischial apophysis.
Leg 9 with basal spinous process on mesial margin, broadly rounded apophysis absent; distal 3 segments well formed and apparently fully functional, claw present.
ampullaceum), we dissected mature sporophytes into capsule, apophysis and spores to identify the odors' tissues origin.
jp), created The Light of Life over the course of six months in his free time and used a mix of features in MAXON's fully-integrated 3D package, CINEMA 4D, including BodyPaint 3D to texture the human figure and plant growth; Thinking Particles to achieve the glowing sparks that emit or interact with floating orbs; Xfrog, a third-party CINEMA 4D plug-in, to animate trees and plants; the Advanced Render to achieve the luminescent quality of the female character's skin; as well as Adobe After Effects and Apophysis.
Palpal organ as in Figs 34-38; patellar apophysis long, dorsal tibial apophysis pointed; base of embolus located prolaterally, below tip of bulb; embolus turned on bulb, perpendicular to longitudinal axis of palp, slightly curved (Fig.
juglandicola in having the distinctly separated epigynal teeth, but females can be distinguished by the closely situated epigynal teeth (separated by about their width) and the anteriorly extended spermathecal heads; males by the small conductor (about the size of the conductor dorsal apophysis) and the small, posteriorly situated median apophysis (Figs.
These have been intruded immediately to the east by the Hallnass Granite, apophysis of which cut the mineralisation.
AG --accessory glands ALE--anterior lateral eyes AME--anterior median eyes Fm --femur LTA--lateral tibial apophysis Mt --metatarsus PME--posterior median eyes PLE--posterior lateral eyes Pt --patella Tb --tibia VTA--ventral tibial apophysis