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(botany) a natural swelling or enlargement: at the base of the stalk or seta in certain mosses or on the cone scale of certain conifers

(anatomy) a natural outgrowth or projection on an organ or body part such as the process of a vertebra

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The arrangement of two tegular apophyses arising proximally from the tegulum in a 6- to 7-o'clock position is characteristic (Figs 1-3).
16) Bone scintigraphy and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) will demonstrate increased radionuclide uptake in the area of the apophyses due to increased osteoblastic activity and new bone formation (18) resulting from the reparative process within the apophyses.
Senglet (2004) shows that in copula the male bulb position on the female epigynum is fixed by retrolateral tibial apophysis, which anchors in the anterior epigynal pocket, median and terminal apophyses that press on the margins of the epigynum.
Differing from the Peruvian species having male mid clunial apophyses as follows: from L.
peruanicus; instead, in a similar position we found the apophyses of the styliger sclerite very weakly marked (Fig.
2] But as the osteoblastosis progressively infiltrates the annulus fibrosis of each veretebral disk and ossifies it, as well as the surrounding soft-tissue attachments, the articulation of the apophyses is hindered and they, too, fuse.
This interpretation fits extremely well with the general Blackburn geological picture of a series of apophyses intruding host rocks further suggesting that the intrusives are part of a large batholithic scale system which would be considered to be deep subvolcanic to batholithic level.
The posterior and anterior apophyses (pa, aa) are weak, with the posterior pair approximately half the length of the anterior pair; the ostium is wide and moderately sclerotized; the inception of the ductus seminalis at the neck of the ductus is a little below the antrum; the ductus bursae (db) short, flattened, sclerotized except for very narrow section where it joins the bursa copulatrix; the bursa copulatrix (bc) is elongate-ovate, with a small thorn-like signum (s) surrounded by an extensive field of granular scobination.
The male is easily separable by the larger tibial apophyses of the palp, but the female is difficult to recognise, but has longer accessory glands.
The great size of the intrusion is highlighted by the massive zone of altered sediments "the baked Chim Formation" (caused by heat from the intrusion which is a large central body considered likely to be surrounded by multiple peripheral porphyry apophyses such as intersected in NEV027 resulting from the final successive phases of porphyry development and mineralization as the central body cools) and starts at approximately 385mdown hole depth down to the intrusion at 1,046m.
In addition, the latero-posterior apophyses of tegumen are two short and conical projections (Figure 5) and the angular appendices are well developed and elongated (Figure 6).
From valve III to VII the front edge is a little depressed between apophyses.
Total length up to 45 mm; general color straw yellow; stigmata rounded; metasomal segment V: VL carinae with 2 or 3 large, tall tubercles or small apophyses in the middle, which are clearly distinct from the remaining granules in the row; denticular margin ofthe movable finger ofthe pedipalp chela with 9 or 10 oblique granular rows.
Recent aeromagnetics flown by Indomin indicate annular magnetic highs around apophyses of the Sukadarna granite.