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a short pithy instructive saying

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Davis's apophthegm, "For some two thousand years men
At the same time, he addressed complex issues by example or by giving an apophthegm or a maxim; a "word," resembling the spiritual advice or comment given by the earliest desert fathers.
You two are about to demonstrate the validity of that 2,500-year-old apophthegm.
3 [2003]: 348-352) finely shows how the text's rich array of Christian allusions (to Eden and the empty tomb of Christ, to Biblical parable and apophthegm, and--of course--to the Eucharist) "acts not to Christianize the poem's references but to ironize the discourse it appropriates" (p.
18) Those meetings between monk and abba would become enshrined in the literary form of the apophthegm and be brought together in the great collections of the Apophthegmata Patrum (or "Sayings of the Fathers").
Patriotism having become one of our topicks, Johnson suddenly uttered, in a strong determined tone, an apophthegm, at which many will start: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" But let it be considered, that he did not mean a real and generous love of our country, but that pretended patriotism which so many, in all ages and countries, have made a cloak for self-interest.
article of his Review period was on the New Brutalism (p75), where he made dear that, in his sense, the term is derived from Le Corbusier's apophthegm that 'L'Architecture, c'est avec des matieres bruts, etablir des rapports e'mouvants',(1) and that, as well as defining an artistic territory for the Smithsons, he was defending their austerities against, among others, the Marxists who preferred 'picturesque detailing without picturesque planning' and who used Brutalism as a term of abuse for almost all Modernists.