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mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned

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As the interest of Murphy and her colleagues was application of the Murphy-MacIntyrean framework to a "radical reformation perspective," in subsequent articles I situate the Good Life story within two different theological cultures, the apophatic tradition (Part 2) and the tradition of orthokardia (Part 3).
Some journeyers may not know of the apophatic spiritual tradition, and learning of its existence provides the realization of "universality" that Yalom (1995) described as a therapeutic factor in group therapy--the realization that an individual is not alone in this experience; it is indeed an integral part of the fully lived life journey.
This sense that the theory at the center of the narrator's text is ineffable--and that it must be constructed by using language in ways that disable its usual functions of reference and communication--creates a structural parallel between his text and those of apophatic mystics.
However, the book's adamant defense of apophatic pluralism does not exhaust the many questions posed to pluralists.
Numerous critics have commented on the mystical elements of Four Quartets, with particular attention to apophatic mysticism, or negative theology.
This chapter is followed by a comparative study of Gregory and Dionysius, highlighting the distinctive features of their thought, and arguing that their philosophy of religious language entails ontological commitments which are overlooked by Marion in his description of apophatic theology.
critiques this first book for its apophatic implications (a critique
For a moment, I want to think specifically about gender in a way that is informed by apophatic theology, the tradition in Christian theological discourse that privileges most the limitations of language.
For Bryson, both the Father and Satan "speak the same language" of worldly power, glory, and force, so that, in the poem's apophatic vision, the search for God must lead to a rejection of both figures (252).
Apophatic to its core, this theology stressed God's alterity and inaccessibility.
Their topics include Milton and the culture wars, Abraham Plonsky and You Are There January 1955, violence and pain in Paradise Lost/, Paradise Regain'd and its hermeneutic of discovery, why the Virgin Mary is in Paradise Regain'd, the apophatic vision of Paradise Regain'd, and from politics to faith in the great poems.
According to apophatic thinking, adaequatio rerum et intellectus is not only a utopia, but a gnoseological and theological error.
As opposed to this apophatic negativity, Pound proposes a positive logic of the gift, which emphasizes 'not abandonment from but abandonment to God' (49), and the overwhelming 'superabundance' (140)--not lack--of the world.
For instance, since Gregory touches on the question of Tasso's revisions of the text, it might have been worth exploring the ways in which Gerusalemme liberata's representation of God was both challenged by Tasso's early readers and radically altered in Tasso's later work, in which he frequently experiments with amore apophatic mode of discourse.
Second, seeking to extend this paradigm, this article reviews the apophatic tradition in terms of Murphy's three descriptive dimensions: telos, problem, and process (discussed in Part 1).