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mentioning something by saying it will not be mentioned

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But my point has not been to oppose the apophatic negative definitions and evocations that one sees in poetry to the expected particulars and positives of American poetry and indeed of the English language, but to set them in relation to each other.
If mythic language asserts, "God makes," or "God is wise," then the apophatic impulse must quickly assert, "but God does not make," and "God is not wise," as a reminder of how all our language falls short of the reality toward which it points.
However, the book's adamant defense of apophatic pluralism does not exhaust the many questions posed to pluralists.
Examples might include Pseudo-Dionysius's cataphatic and apophatic program for not saying, then saying, then denying certain things of God in a certain order to coax words and silences into conveying something of the superabundance of God.
To elaborate on my previous definition, apophatic theology argues that God is completely other to anything that could be said or known about God.
Aesthetics is not tantamount to metaphysics and neither do they produce the dark night of the soul of apophatic theology.
Her analysis enriches our understanding of the background to Marion's thought, and kindles a desire to read the original authors, so as to explore further the variety of apophatic theologies they offer.
The illusory transparency of the 'house' hints at an apophatic understanding of the world and indeed of God, defining it and Him in negative terms; by what they are not rather than by what they are.
Apophatic to its core, this theology stressed God's alterity and inaccessibility.
Their topics include Milton and the culture wars, Abraham Plonsky and You Are There January 1955, violence and pain in Paradise Lost/, Paradise Regain'd and its hermeneutic of discovery, why the Virgin Mary is in Paradise Regain'd, the apophatic vision of Paradise Regain'd, and from politics to faith in the great poems.
As opposed to this apophatic negativity, Pound proposes a positive logic of the gift, which emphasizes 'not abandonment from but abandonment to God' (49), and the overwhelming 'superabundance' (140)--not lack--of the world.
Such apophasis can also be engaged as an expression of human suffering as Reginald Gibbons's work, "On Apophatic Poetics," argues.
Collectively these articles attempt to delineate an interdisciplinary paradigm that is consistent with the sensibilities of Aristotelean virtue ethics (MacIntyre, 1984), contemporary moral motive theory (Emmons & McCullough, 2004), and the apophatic tradition of personality change (Jones, 2002).
Our main guides, though, will speak from elsewhere, because only in reading elsewhere have I begun to see what is apophatic in the poetic traditions (decisively plural) that are our own.
For those who may still feel Sturtevant seems to require an apophatic approach, in that, like God, she can only be defined by negative attributes, let's be quick: The work isn't copy because it has never been about her setting up an easel in front of a "masterpiece" and copying stroke by stroke, beholden, derivative.