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any of the deeper and thicker fascia that attach muscles to bones

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In small children it can be difficult to perform aponeurotic surgery, as cooperation (and thus being awake) is required.
Histologically, desmoid tumours are benign and characterised by a monoclonal fibroblastic proliferation typically arising from muscular or aponeurotic structures.
This imbalance of forces can lead to injuries of the lower central abdominal muscles and the upper aponeurotic common insertion of the adductor muscles.
There are variable aponeurotic attachments to the posterior horn of the lateral meniscus and fibular head.
Epithelioid sarcoma was first characterized as a distinct clinicopathologic entity by Enzinger in 1970 (1) after being described as aponeurotic sarcoma in 1961 by Laskowski (2) and as large-cell sarcoma of the tendon shealth in 1968 by Bliss and Reed.
4,5) Associations with this tumor have been reported in the past, such as hemangiomas and juvenile aponeurotic fibromas.
Lying under the caudal half of the lower trapezius muscle are, superficial to deep, the fibres of the latissimus dorsi muscle or the aponeurotic fibres of the posterior layer of the thoracolumbar fascia (Figure 4).
The diaphragm has a peripheral sheet of skeletal muscle inserted into a central aponeurotic tendon.
Degeneration of this aponeurotic tissue can occur with age, leading to the drooping eyelids that many older persons experience.