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any of the deeper and thicker fascia that attach muscles to bones

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The rectangular tarsoconjunctival flap is dissected from levator aponeurosis dissecting upper forniceal attachment.
Its main function is to flex the wrist and tense the palmar aponeurosis, but PL is suggested to have no effect on gripping movement (Kose et al.
Esto se debe a que se produce un aumento de la tension de la aponeurosis plantar, siendo mas evidente y sensible cuando se realiza en bipedestacion.
Primary repair can be considered for small defects, however mesh repair is appeared to be more appropriate in cases of wide defect or atrophic aponeurosis (6).
The needle was advanced between the aponeurosis of the internal oblique and transversus abdominis muscles.
Bajo anestesia general se realizo la diseccion hasta la aponeurosis cervical profunda con diseccion del paquete vasculonervioso cervical (arteria carotida, vena yugular interna y nervio neumogastrico), logrando la reseccion del neurofibroma, tumor solido de consistencia dura, forma ovalada y sin abundante vascularizacion (figura 3).
Orbital CT and ultrasonography were performed and the cystic mass was completely excised after dissecting its adhesions to the levator aponeurosis.
A nivel del trocanter mayor del femur se unio al biceps femoral y por una aponeurosis se fijo a la cresta femoral.
Los estudios realizados llevaron a los autores a la hipotesis de que la hiperextension forzada de dichas articulaciones provocaria una elongacion de la aponeurosis plantar y de la capsula articular.
Las cabezas corta y larga se unen para formar un tendon comun cuyas inserciones distates son en la tuberosidad del radio y algunas fibras aponeuroticas y tendinosas terminan en la fascia antebraquiat a traves de la aponeurosis bicipitatis.
Pennation angle was determined as the angle between the fascicle line of action and the deep aponeurosis.
Furthermore, three fascicles were selected from two regionsbased on their position relative to the scar: one fascicle from the region superficially to the scar, the second fascicle from the region "underneath" the scar closer to the deep aponeurosis and, a third fascicle (referred to as "typical" fascicle) from the deeper region located as far as possible from the scar.
3] A strip of external oblique aponeurosis was used for strengthening of the posterior wall alternative to a prosthetic mesh.
This may lead to subgaleal hemorrhage, a collection of blood in the large potential space below the scalp and above the aponeurosis.
The persistence of lameness observed after medial patellar desmotomy was probably due to incomplete desmotomy of ligament or tension of aponeurosis of gracilis and sartorius muscles (Shettko and Trostle, 2000).