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any of the deeper and thicker fascia that attach muscles to bones

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Tveit et al (1994), using magnetic resonance imaging, found that at the end range of lumbar flexion the lever arm of the upper erector spinae aponeurosis is reduced by between 10% and 20% throughout the lumbar spine when compared to a lordotic posture.
6) Cohesion is also conferred by underlying integument, (44,52) specific ligaments (mainly the ligament elastic interremigale, but also including the aponeurosis ulnometacarporemigialis and the skin itself), and muscles.
Flictena exudativa; Grado III: perdida del grosor de la piel implicando dano o necrosis del tejido subcutaneo que puede extenderse hasta la aponeurosis subyacente; Grado IV: perdida del grosor completo de la piel con destruccion extensa; tejido necrotico o dano al musculo, hueso o estructuras de sosten.
The aponeurosis is then separated from the underlying pyramidalis and rectus abdominis (Kisielinski et al 2004); this incision is surgically repaired following foetal delivery.
In his 1961 paper, Garden catalogued "excision of the tender area, ablation of the common extensor origin, Hohmann's (1926) operation releas[ing] the extensor aponeurosis from the lateral epicondyle, Bosworth's (1955) resection of the orbicular ligament and Kaplan's (1959) denervation of the radio humeral joint.
The crura around the internal ring contract around the spermatic cord and the external oblique aponeurosis becomes tense and presses on the internal ring, thus reinforcing the weak posterior wall.
The first major side branch of the radial artery, the radial recurrent branch takes oft approximately 1 cm distal to radial edge of the bicipital aponeurosis.
The superior to inferior extent of active muscle tissue (its belly), as opposed to aponeurosis and tendon, was then estimated based upon surface palpation of the contracting muscle.
Tendon stiffness was calculated bilaterally by dividing the peak ankle isometric plantarflexion force measured on a Kin-Com dynamometer (Chattex Corp, Chattanooga, TN) by displacement of the gastrocnemius aponeurosis during contraction observed on dynamic ultrasound imaging.
This minute bit of muscle attaches to the upper lid by a very thin band of tendinous tissue, the levator aponeurosis.
Ultrasound has been used to measure foot muscles [21] and skin and plantar aponeurosis [22].
10,11) Other sports hernia descriptions have included abnormalities of the rectus abdominis muscle, avulsion of part of the internal oblique muscle fibers from the pubic tubercle, tearing within the internal oblique muscle, or abnormality within the external oblique muscle and aponeurosis.
4) A subgaleal hemorrhage is located under the cranial aponeurosis and above the periosteum.
The levator muscle is attached, via its aponeurosis (tendon), to the anterior part of the tarsus, as well as the skin (causing a skin crease), and to the upper part of the tarsus via Muller's muscle.
iliotrochantericus cranialis at the proximal end, and gives rise to a dense aponeurosis distally for the formation of the patellar ligament.