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any of the deeper and thicker fascia that attach muscles to bones

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Twelve terms encompassing structures often called fascia have been proposed [9]: dense connective tissue, areolar connective tissue, deep fascia, superficial fascia, interosseous membranes, intermuscular septae, epimysium, perimysium, endomysium, periosteum, neurovascular tract, and intra- and extramuscular aponeuroses.
Spigelian hernias occur along the linea semilunaris, which is a continuation of the aponeuroses of the layered lateral abdominal muscles and the rectus abdominis sheath (Figure 12).
Other sarcomas of uncertain histogenesis with associated translocations include clear cell sarcoma of the tendons and aponeuroses, also known as malignant melanoma of soft parts (CCS/MSP), a rare sarcoma affecting primarily young adults, almost always arising in the extremities (132) and demonstrating melanocytic differentiation.
obliques) are broad and insert on aponeuroses rather than bony landmarks.
These lesions are confined to the musculature and the overlying aponeuroses.
Deeper ES lesions can extend along tendon sheaths or aponeuroses.
Clear cell sarcoma of tendons and aponeuroses (malignant melanoma of soft parts) in the duodenum: the first visceral case.
It usually presents in the distal lower extremities of young adults, frequently attached to tendons or aponeuroses.